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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

Hi Everyone. My name is Christine and I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant and due around the 4th of November.

This will be my 5th baby (my oldest is 21 this year). Am I crazy or what?

I would love to hear from other mums due in November too!!!


Hi Christine!
I found out Saturday and I'm also due about the 4th November?!
Congrats to you, have you has your first doctors appointment?
Thanks for the congrats! I am 37 and had my first and second children really young.

I'm seeing my doctor this Saturday. How about you?


I'm 31 and this is my first smile

Going to my gp Monday to have it confirmed but have already applied to be under midwife care at the birth centre. How exciting!
I'm remarrying on May 18th and then off to Thailand on the 1st of June for 3 weeks. We planned to start trying to conceive then.... I went off the pill in January to get it out of my system and we've been careful but here I am pregnant by February! At first I was disappointed as I really didn't want to be pregnant at my wedding and honeymoon but now I'm thrilled! My fiancé is over the moon and was very teary when I told him!


Congratulations honey that's very exiting - Thailand is amazing apparently. And you'll be in a good time of your pregnancy to travel too. I've got two trips in June too and all my friends have told me that the 4-6 month mark is ideal for travelling because you're bursting its energy.

Looks like we will be having someone joining us in this thread already, I was just reading the TTC march thread and one of the lovely ladies has got their BFP today
Yay!!! The more the merrier!!!


Congratulations Happymumma that's so exciting for you! This is my first, DPs #3. We only started trying at Xmas time and Got my BFP on feb 23! very lucky.
It'll be great to have you ladies to ask questions every now and then if you don't mind?

Congrats Again and I'm looking forward to taking this journey together
Hey ladies smile I just found out tonight that I'm pregnant.

My predicted due date is the 2nd Nov. will be making an appt for the dr tomorrow smile
Welcome ladies! Congrats!!!

This is my 5th baby so I'm happy to answer any questions any first time mums have. My due date is my youngest boys 5th birthday! So a 5 year gap between him and my next one.

I have been soooo tired the last few days and I've felt nauseas and hungry at the same time. I work full time so I can't have nana naps sad


This is my first.. Kind of nervous and scared at the same time.

We got married in December and decided to start trying the beginning of last month

So took 2 months of trying and we got our BFP
Hi Ladies, I am due the 2 November, found out yesterday that I am pregnant, very early stages but pregnant, this will be my fifth. Two on earth and three in heaven. Congratulations to you all
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