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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

Adele I sent you a friend request to be added to the fb page smile

Hi Christine!
Very exciting! 5th baby wow!

I'm 25 next Saturday and my partner and I are expecting our first born on the 18th of November!

Hi all i have just found out i have pregnant with number 4. 2 here and 1 in heaven.
This is my first pregnancy in Australia. So ill be asking a
bunch of Qs about care over here. So different to Nz.
Looking forward to chating and getting to know everyone.
We are very unexpectedly expecting baby number 3.
Due on Nov 6.
I'm still not sure whether to be excited or nervous as I actually had an iud in place. And when I went for the dating scan there it was floating next to the sac with the bub in it. Que the list of things that can go wrong and in and out of the doctors and specialists offices while carting around an almost 4yr and almost 2 yr old.
Hi everyone,

I found out 3 days ago that im pregnant with our 3rd baby!! i have a 4yr old daughter and a 15 month old son. We weren't ttc but werent preventing so very suprised it happened so quickly as it took 2 years to conceive my son and 2 miscarriages. I have no idea when im due but i reckon around the end of november some time. I had bloods done on thursday and will get my results on monday arvo. Im very nervous about something going wrong. But ive had a tonne of positive ovulation tests (i thought i was ovulating not pregnant) and 2 positive FR and a pregnant 2-3 weeks (4-5 weeks) digital test. Im in a great group of mums but they dont want to hear me stressing about every little cramp. I can be quite annoying i think.. The first 12 weeks are very stressful

Hi all,found out yesterday that DH and I are expecting #2 around November 25!

Congratulations BabyOliverMom im due the same time as you. Its a bit quiet in here as everyone seems to prefer to use the facebook group

No Facebook announcement for us yet!

We only got our blood test results back on Friday and we have to wait until Wednesday April 3 for our dating scan. Pretty sure on our dates though.

Going to be a long week wait until the ultrasound!!

How do I join the Fb group please?
Hi im kellie and found out im pregnant with my 2nd bub on 18 March. Bit Scary as I had an ectopic pregnancy which resulte din rupsture and surgery in July last year.
Had a scan on 26/3 and it is in the right place and I can see a grape! You dont know HOW excited I was to see that little black oval shape! Next US on 9/4 to see heartbeat grin
We are Due 24 November smile

hey everyone, so i have more a question than an answer lol i have been getting all the classic pregnancy symptoms, nausea, vomiting, really sore nipples and breasts, bright blue veins appearing on my nipples, exhaustion, headaches and really moody and emotional. i was 2 days late for my period and when it did come it was very different to usual...very light bright red only lasted 2 days then a browny discharge for a day or 2. there was no real flow just there when i wiped (tmi sorry). i have had neg urine tests, and a neg blood test at the start of this week (i would have been late 4 weeks early 5) but am still getting all the signs and symptoms. A few people i know have said not to rule out being pregnant yet coz i may just not be showing up yet..i feel my tummy is harder and im getting a bloated look that i cant suck in like i usually could haha anyway i was just wondering what your opinions are?? i really would like to be pregnant and my long term bf is quite excited too. Thanks grin
I would wait another week or so and do another test smile

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