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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

Thanks, yeh my doctor gave me a repeat script for bloods again on tuesday! god i dont do the waiting game very well
I agree with zazasmama wait another week and do the test. I did one a few weeks back when I was just a few days late and it showed nothing - then about a week and a half later there were 2 definite lines. So it may be just a matter of waiting a bit longer Kirstyjane2009, but my fingers are crossed for you.
I'm due on 22nd of November and am finding it very hard not to tell every one at the moment. I'm hoping it all goes well this time as just over 18 months ago I lost a baby while sick with swine flu. My son will be 7 when this bub is born and I'm hoping the age gap isn't too much. We moved to the Newcastle Area 2 years ago and am hoping to have this one at Newcastle Private but I haven't really heard much of what its like.
I'm not coping too well with the nausea this time around. I don't remember it ever being this bad. I can cope with the being sick part but not the feeling sick all day thing - any ideas to help with this would be great.
I have my first scan next Friday and I am hoping that it all goes well.
hello ladies...
I am hoping I will be able to join you all soon.... I really feel like my bfp will come in a few days.... of course I can't be sure tho.
I was thinking of joining this group as if I was successful this cycle will be due DEC 10th but I will be having an elective c-section at 38 wks so will be end of Nov instead.... so if I do get my bfp would be ok to join you all?

here is my chart.... what do you think? when would you test?
My Ovulation Chart

Hi I'm 7 weeks with number three. First two I had nausea but nothing major. This time i can't hold down water! It's lasting all day waking me at night and I'm miserable. Nausea lasts all day with constant reflux if I'm not vomiting. Have fatigue cramping and just feeling generally run down now. Anyone else have this so bad? The scanner assures me it's not twins but I'm so surprised at how different this is. I'd hate for this to go on for another few months. How did others cope?
I'm feeling the exact same way Trekker.
It's completely different to my first two pregnancies. I could sleep all day if my partner is home to watch the girls and still wake up tired and run down.
Oh it's so nice to know I'm not suffering alone. Anything helping you? I'm trying mess but they are pills so it's a toss up whether they stay down. gasp
Sorry that was supposed to read meds not mess! wink
ask your dr for zofran wafers they dissolve on your tounge they are great!! Our facebook group is private so no one else can see it. Congratulations to all of you

the only thing I've found so far is Cruskits with the smallest amount of honey spread on it. Other than that nothings really helping. I'm just hoping it'll pass soon.
Hi all. I hope you're all doing well.

I had a spare HPT at home and as its been 4 weeks since I miscarried I decided to do the test. I really didn't think it would be positive but it was! Two very distinct pink lines.

Is it possible for me to be pregnant so soon after a loss??? This doesn't feel real!!!


I just found out I am pregnant!! Got my BFP this morning!!! may I join you ladies... smile

how do I joing the fb group... I know I am technically due december but am having planned c-section two weeks before... so will be late nov...

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