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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

Hey Beckygirl. Congrats! If you go onto page 6 of this thread, there is a link to adele's facebook. Just add her as a friend and she will add you to the group smile

thanks.... I tried to send a message to her... will see what happens... thanks

Christine Rose did they do blood tests to confirm your hcg went back down to 0 and an ultrasound to confirm everything had cleared out?

I did have a blood test and my hcg levels were negative.... No ultrasound though.


I would definetly say its possible cos i fell pregnant with my second 4 weeks after my miscarriage. You are most fertile after a pregnancy smile come join our facebook group

I'm on my way to the doctor right now. I have no idea when I ovulated nor when I conceived so I don't even know when I'm due! Possibly early December. Hopefully they'll send me for a dating scan in a few weeks.

Thanks for responding. Fingers crossed everything is ok this time...


keep us updated with how u go smile fingers crossed everything goes well for u

ive just had another blood test!!! i feel like a pin cushion lol hopefully get a positive off this one, still getting all pregnancy symptoms...pathology lady said its still possible as we are all different and i may not be showing up yet
Hi all!
Im a bit late joining here but thought I might as well. Im due Nov 7 which is my dads birthday! This will be my Husband and my first child. I got my BFP on Feb 28 after having a BFN the week before. Super irregular periods so it was the mild cramping without getting a period that made me test again so soon. I had an U/S at 6w and measured at 6w with a hb of 110. 9w today grin

Question though: I had blood taken last week because they didnt get enough for the hemoglobin test and had to redo it, but I have to go back to the dr today to discuss the results. What is the hemoglobin test for? Its iron levels isnt it?
hi just did a pregnancy test last week and postive so think Im due around november too, got first doc appointment tomorrow. all a bit scary,m but exciting. smile my first, all a bit crazy, didn't know you got cramps and ya stomach making funny noises, and the bloating. feeling a bit yuk, but at least not puking yet.
nice to meet you all, all my other friends, my age 30s already got kids, didn't think it happen to me, or maybe in 5 yrs time, bit of a shock.

what do they do at the first dr appointment.
Hi ladies. I had a blood test Tuesday and my hcg levels were 360. My doctor says that means I'm pregnant!!! I had another test today and hopefully the number has at least doubled. We still don't really know when I conceived but we're guessing I'd be due early December. What a roller coaster ride I've been on lately!!!!


hi girls congratulations. hope u will join our facebook group. Christine thats great news let us know the next results. Please join our facebook group

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