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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

Hi ladies! Firstly congrats to you all! Such exciting times smile
We've just found out we're pregnant with twins! Due 21 nov, but there's a chance they're momo (single amniotic sac) so there's no way we'll make it to Nov! Anyone else here expecting twins? Or have experience with momos (ha ha not the Tibetan kind!)? I'm calming down a bit now as i know there's nothing we can do at this early stage, but it's so scary and daunting to think of the long emotional journey ahead. Anyway shall wait for a more detailed u/s to confirm one or two sacs. Fingers crossed for two!
no one as yet is expecting twins but some people are still waiting to have their first scans

hi again, had drs app, yes pregnant but I knew something was up, think my partner didn't belive me. hehe. anyway had blood test and due 22 nov and first scan may and second blood test in may. just figured out for LMC stands for haha, anyway my friends reconmended me somebody and said she was great, so I hopefully getting her as my LMC.
Christine that is awesome news!! Do let us know how you get on!

So happy for you smile
Hey guys

I'm due in Nov (I'm saying 18th, first scan saying 21st.....), would love to join the f/book group. Adele - I've just sent a friend request. Hopefully catch up on who's who etc. in there.
I'm new to the group but I'm also due in November - 22nd smile this will be bub number 4. Going for my first ultrasound on Thursday so excited and scared at the same time (I lost a baby last year due to it being a partial molar )
I am due 28th November with my 3rd. This one has been very different, had all day sickness but doc told me I want pregnant and a week later was back for more tests and guys what I was all along, mum knows best. I have a 2 year old and a3 year old so being very sick with toddlers is very hard. hoping once I get over the 3 months I'll be fine. I'm alsohigh risk so far as I've had lots of spotting and bleeding. Stress full but not wanting to tell family and friends yet so thought Id vent here. Hope everyone is going well smile


hi have recently found out i am expecting baby number 3, and i had a facbook group for my last baby but couldnt remember how i ended up there and then i remembered huggies!!!!! had to create a new account as i moved countries, but i would love to join the ffacebook group so i can share this experiance with other mums!!! esp since this is my last!!!
2 years of trying and finally we got that BFP. Due Guy Faulks Day, 5 th November
Hi everyone smile i'm jen and due november 5th with my first baby m really lucky and excited to have conceived after only my second lot of fertility tablets.

hi everyone, had a upset starting bleeding on tuesday, was just spotting, but then got worse during the day so went to the doc that afternoon, was the longest milking in the dairy shed that arvo. Anyway the doc said spotting can be normal if it stops, but if it gets heavier and if there are cramps could be bad, a miscarriage.
So yeah, had terrible cramps that nite and bleeding got worse. Had another blood test today so will know tomorrow the news good or bad. maybe it wasn't to be. I know its gone but my partner doesn't think so and waiting for the blood test. Anyway good luck to everybody and hope you have a successful and healthy pregnancy. I was only 8 weeks. So maybe wasn't meant to be. But can always try again smile
Thanks to everyone and this wonderful website learnt heaps, and nice to know ya not alone.
Hey don't give up just yet. It doesn't always mean a miscarriage.

I had my first miscarriage on 4 March at just 5 weeks but here I am now, 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant again!

I really hope all is well. Keep us posted xxx


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