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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

thanks, ill keep you posted. don't worry haven't given up. thats the fun, trying again, if its gone. just a bit sad if it is, was just getting used to it. hehe
how long did you wait til you tryed again?
Hi everyone, and big congratulations to you all! smile... I'm 8 weeks and very new around here.... and new to the whole children thing too! We had the first scan yesterday, because I thought I was 12 weeks and it turns out I'm 8 weeks with twins.... I just about fell off the bed whilst belting out a long list of profanities after the radiographer said "thats baby number 1... and thats baby number 2..."

Twins run in my family (My grandmother had two sets, my Mums a fraternal twin) so I sort of expected it, but nothing could have compared me to the images of two cots, two highchairs, two babies!

Do any of you ladies have any advice for limiting morning sickness? I was travelling OK when I though I was 12 weeks thinking I would start to feel better soon, but now I'm dreading the next month (at least) of feeling dodgy.
im just over 9 weeks due 17 November with my 5 (oh lord lol). Would like to join the facebook page
Hello everyone, I just joined Huggies. I am due 22nd of November this year with my second baby but my first natural conception with no fertility help. Been having a really bad few weeks, couldn't keep any water or food down for two days but feeling much better today. Anyone else just want to stay in bed all day? I had to stop work due to the fatigue and vomiting but find that I can only be up for 2-3 hours before my body gets really tired and needs a sleep, otherwise I feel really nauseas.
Anyway hope you are all keeping well. Will be nice to make some friends along the way smile
Amy - Auckland

My name is Bailey Adams I'm due the 29th Nov with my first child smile could I please be added to the fb page I have friend requested Adele smile
Its great to read so many nov babies.I havent got any birthdays in november so I am happy about having a november baby.Can someone send me the link for the fb group?
Hi smile
My name is Sarah im 26 yrs old and I live in Waikiki near Rocko WA. I married in March, and found out on our honeymoon that we are expecting! We both are over the moon!
Due 14 November 13. Looking for others due around the same time, living close by so we could start a mother's group/ play group. Thoughts?
Also this is my first baby! And am new to huggies.
Hi everyone,

I've just joined the forum and wanted to say hello. I'm from Melbourne and due 6 November (first baby). Looking forward to chatting to you all and sharing experiences along the way.

I hope that all your pregnancies are going well !!
Hey smile
Just wanted to say a hello!
I'm due November 30th with number 2!
Wasn't planned but am very excited smile
DD is 17months she was born on 11 nov 2011 so another November baby lol should be fun! Haha smile
Hope your all doing well xx
Could someone tell me how to get in the fb page please? Thank you!
Hey guys I am joining again after a mc in sept last year due around the 6 th nov. Kattles if you go to page 6 of this forum there is details of who to add to be added to th Facebook group.
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