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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

hi all smile Im due nov 25th-ish(keeps getting changed.grrrr) this is my 4th pregnancy, but will be my 2nd child. I have a beautiful 6yr old t feel real, maybe Im a scared after trying n failing for 4yrs. Dd is very excited n helping me already as somedays I can hardly walk because of pelvic instability, bloody hurts! Hope ur all doing really great n look forward to chats w u all smile
Hi All!

I am due late November (28th) with our first child. We cannot wait to meet him!
Hi my name is Rach I'm 31 years old live in Canberra Australia where i have recided for the past 11 years and am currently Engaged to be married late November this year . I have 2 beautiful girls who are 2 and 6 months and am expecting twins on the 27th of November 2013 so life at our place is a bit of a chaotic mess at times but I wouldn't have it any other way . The reason why I entered a post into this group is because I am wantingto share my current pregnancy enjoyment with people who are also in the same vote and that are due around the same time that I am so please feel free to reply to this post by me if you would like to chat Rach smile
Due of the 4th with my first! Anyone got an advice for girls names? Boys names i find easy!
Just joining now, a bit late! Currently around 23 weeks, due beginning of November. 4th pregnancy, but this one isnt mine! Im doing a gestational surrogacy for some very special friends. Have applied to Adele to join the facebook group too.

Mel, NZ, 3 kids, currently doing a gestational surrogacy

Hi everyone, im Deby. Im due 2nd of Nov. with bub # 2. I have a facebook group as well. I organise lot of meet ups, playdates and things like that. Where about are you ladies from?
Hi Christine & Ladies,

I am due around November 18th, second baby.

Hope all is going well smile
Hi my name is Erin and I am a student midwife.
I am looking for women (In Melbourne) to take part in a continuity of care program (CCE).
Through the CCE program I can provide you with support during your antenatal period, labour and postnatal period. Being involved in the CCE program provides an opportunity for you to share your pregnancy journey with and be supported by, a bachelor of midwifery student (me).

The aim is to build a professional friendship by interacting with you; simply talking to you about being pregnant and hearing about the decisions you have to make during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal time.
As a student I am supported and mentored by a registered midwife. If this sounds like something you would like to take advantage of (or you've been through it all before and you would just like to help a future midwife out) then please contact me, Thanks for reading - Erin
Congratulations to you all!
Hi everyone
I was originally due with my third in Dec but due to an elective C-section will now have a November baby smile Is there a link where I can request to join a Nov DIG Facebook forum?
Thanks smile
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