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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

I'm the same. I have such a dry mouth.. Although I only woke up twice last night other than that I slept like a baby.

Sounds awesome bout hot choc and shopping smile
Hi everyone my name is Adele, im 24 and pregnant with my 2nd child. My due date according to my last period is the 30th of Oct but I think i'm not as far along as that I think I will have baby in November. Has anyone set up a babies due in Nov 2013 page on facebook? Oh and did anyone have gestational diabetes in their last pregnancies? I had it with my boy and the Dr has told me I will have it again. I am already watching what I eat and cutting back on carbs and sugar which is extremely hard for a food lover like me! Congrats everyone.

If you guys want me to set up one of those facebook pages I can. Add me to facebook if the link doesn't work search Adele Friedlich. I'm pretty sure I am the only person with that name on facebook. My profile pic is of my 11 month old baby on his bike smile
Adele that is a great idea with Facebook, never thought of that. Congratulations on ur new baby on the way to
Congrats Adele! I'd love it if you started a facey page but could we make it private? I'm sure I'm not the only one who is keeping mum (literally!) on our pregnancy until after the twelve week mark.
Mines under Mel Wells, ill try and add you now x
It's private Melly xx
Hi ladies smile
I had bloods done yesterday so hoping to get confirmation tomorrow or Tuesday. I have done that many HPT's in the last few days!! haha.
I did the first one Thursday night and it was positive so I went to the dr where it was negative, as was a cheapo one I did at home (where my pee was pretty much clear so the doc said that could impact the result?).
So then I bought FirstResponse (which I should have done to start with) and two of them (plus another brand) have both been positive. Argh!! So I'm going with four positive and two negative equal a pregnancy - what do you think?
I have been feeling ill and have had the driest mouth as well as headaches.
We TTC all last year and then decided to give it a 6 month rest and BAM! A positive test.
Fingers crossed anyway!
Sorry for the ramble...!
Lovely to see some happy mums-to-be smile

I always say a positive is a positive.. Congrats smile
Hi girls. Just letting you all know that I am pretty certain I am having a miscarriage this morning. I knew something wasn't right last night and this morning I've woken with bad cramping and bleeding. This is the first time I have experienced this and I am devastated. I guess it was meant to be. I hope all you girls go on to have healthy babies and I wish you all the very best xxxx


Christine sad how heartbreaking for you ... there are no words but I've had 2 miscarriages myself (one at 6 weeks and one at 11 weeks) .... I'll keep you in my prayers xoxo
i did a test yesterday, as my period was 4days late & it was positive!! we've been ttc for 8mths, so i am over the moon!! we were starting to lose hope, but we must of relaxed enough & it happened!!
this is bub #2 for us. i have calculated around the 7th nov??? haven't been to the doctors yet of course...
Congrats Beksparkles that's so exciting!!!! I went to dr today for bloods ew!! We have a secret Facebook group created if you'd like to join?
Hi, I've just found out that I am pregnant again after having a miscarriage September last year. Fingers crossed it will stick this time round. Will be due 2nd November. Have a meeting with my Midwife on Monday the 11th and she is going to send me for a scan and bloods. Cant wait to have my scan and see a little heartbeat!!!
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