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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

Hello if any mummies on here want to join the secret facebook group you can add me Adele Friedlich and I will add you to the group smile
Hey all mums,

I have done 3 hpt and all have said positive.

Went to the doctors today and he has confirmed and set bloods off to double check.

He has given me a due date of 2nd November.

This will be my 2nd baby, my son is 2 on the 16th march.

We are pretty excited smile
Hi everyone smile
Just found out today I am pregnant, very much in shock! I have a 5yo and a 8month old.. Will be ringing the docs tomorrow, my guesstimate is around the 10-14th of November.. Valentines baby, pill decided to fail lol
I'm in a great group from Huggies with my June bubba so hoping to be lucky again this time around and meet some awesome ladies and have some babies!! smile
Congratulation girls xx
Good morning ladies, i POAS and got a BFP and have been holding it in since as I have suffered mcs in the past, my dr confirmed that my HCG lvls are rising so roughly about 4-5 weeks. Due roughly 6 November.
I have DS who is 5 and DD who is 3 this will be our 3rd bub and 6th pg, I had an ectopic pg and lost a tube back in 2009.
I am super excited however nausea, sore breasts and tiredness can go right now.

Cant wait to share this journey with u all.

oh and how do i join the fb group

Go back a couple of pages ull find Adele's fb link send her friend request and she will add u
Hi All!

I found out last week I was pregnant (with my first!) and apparently have a due date of 8 November. I'm going for my 6 week scan next Monday so fingers crossed there's a heart beat! I'm super nervous about this one, as we already miscarried one earlier this year.
Hi everyone. So I definitely had a miscarriage. I wish you girls all the best and I hope you all have trouble free pregnancies xxx


I'm so sorry to hear that, Christine... We miscarried earlier this year - its a horrible thing to have to go through sad
It definitely is! This is my first after having 4 healthy pregnancies and babies. For some silly reason I thought it would never happen to me but boy was I wrong! It's been an emotional and painful week. But I'm looking at the positives. We know we're very fertile and can conceive again. This little angel baby wasn't meant to be!


Sorry to hear that Christine, big hugs and yep once you've had time to heal just keep on trying smile

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