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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies, CONGRATS TO ALL!! I finally received a BFP today, making me due in the middle of November sometime. This will be baby number 3. I will try to get into the facebook group smile see you there

i had my bloods done thurs & have an appointment with ob next thurs!! i've had very light spotting (same as before & after period), but it is almost all gone. didn't have it with dd, so a little nervous???
I had light spotting with my son Brodie's pregnancy. It was at around 4-5 weeks and my ob said it was most likely implantation bleeding. I'm sure you're fine smile

I just suffered a miscarriage on Monday and I bleed heavier than a normal period with really bad cramps and backache.

I'm sure your bub is all good. Just relax and enjoy your pregnancy (easier said than done in the first trimester I know!).


Just received my BFP this afternoon at about 11/ due date is around 17th November! FX its a sticky one smile This will be our first baby so I am nervous but excited at the same time!

Hi ladies,

I got my BFP 2 days ago at only 9dpo. Should be due towards the end of November. A little about me...DH & I are both 28 & this will be our first bub. We have been trying for about 9 months & sadly suffered a miscarriage in December. I am trying not to get ahead of myself this time & just take each week as it comes. I am going to be a nervous wreck for the first 12 weeks. We are just praying with everything that this one is a sticky bubba. Won't be rushing off to the GP, will prob wait another week or more.

Will any of you be booking in for an early dating scan? Last time I went too early & they couldn't see anything which was really disappointing. This time I am going to wait until at least 8 weeks.
Hi Lucky! I have seen your posts in the TTC March 2013 page. I got my BFP yesterday and according to the online calculators will be due 18th November. I am 27 (28 in 2 weeks) and this ill also be our first baby. We get married in July but thought why wait if we are ready now, although this is our first month of really trying so didn't expect it to happen so soon! Look forward to sharing this experience with you smile

Hey all...just a bit of a follow up. Had my first appointment with my mid-wife (she seems great!) on Tuesday. Feeling a lot more relaxed after meeting her smile Chatted about family history etc and had a wee tour of the maternity unit. Sent me for bloods to test HCG, Iron, Blood Type etc, plus a urine test for any bacteria. Sent off a request for an early dating scan too. I'm glad she offered as I was going to ask anyways. Hopefully get an appointment for that within the next week or so. Exciting! Next appointment is in 4 weeks time. Still no "real" morning sickness. Just an achy lower back, neck, arms and shoulders. Oh, and VERY tired. Other symptoms come and go. How's everyone else keeping?
Hi ladies, I had my dating scan yesterday which puts my due date at Nov.1.
My original calculation was for late October but I knew my cycle wasn't quite its normal self so I had to wait for the scan to confirm it.
So I'm currently 6 weeks 5 days and this will be our 2nd baby. DS is 10 months old so the age gap is quite close. We didn't expect to get pregnant so soon so it's a lovely surprise.
I never had morning sickness with DS but this time so far I've been feeling seedy/hungover and it comes in waves all throughout the day. Other than that I've just got a sore tailbone and feeling tired.
Hope everyone else is doing well and looking forward to getting to know you all smile

Quick question guys...are you all going public or private with your pregnancy? This is my first pregnancy and being a student I am going to go public. Has any of you had ok experiences with public?

I'm going private. I priced it fee is $1500 (only $200 covered by Medicare). BUT the awesome thing is that the obstetrician is available 24/7 to take calls & if you need to be seen he will meet you at his office anytime of day or night which I think is awesome! Well worth $1500 I think.
Wow $1500 is cheap. Ive been hearing its more like $2000 - $5000. I guess I might try shopping around before i opt for public.

Any of you ladies actually feeling the effects of pregnancy yet? I dont feel any different...only stomach cramps and back aches. I know Im only about 4 and a half weeks but Im a little worried

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