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Due January 2014 Lock Rss

Hey, hey ladies!!!

BFP last week with #2 and now starting to feel a bit paranoid - constantly checking when going to the toilet etc, as did have a miscarriage prior to DD. I'm also due 1st jan 2014!!! Congrats to everyone!!

Ps awaitingJP thanks for the link ! smile
Hello ladies! Wow, it's so funny to be back in one of these threads smile

I got my BFP this morning after talking to my doctor about possible fertility treatment in the future (as I have PCOS). I told her I wasn't ready to conceive yet! Hmm! Lol.

I'm 27 and have a 10 month old son already. Bub #2 is definitely a surprise, but a welcome one.
Welcome Andreandfiona and Tora_86! Congratulations smile
Hope everyone has been having a good week. Have had random moments of nausea the last few days, thankfully not too bad, only lasting a few minutes.
Hi all I got my bfp a few days ago. Haven't been to the GP yet but I think I'm due on the 7 Jan - my hubbys birthday smile

Congratulations to all the new mummas!

Welcome smile congrats smile
I have surprisingly feeling really good which of course worries me! Just feeling tired, peeing frequently and constantly hungry! Slightly sore boobs but nothing major plus a couple of headaches.
What are your symptoms?
Welcome new mummy's to be smile getting a few more people in January smile
How has everyone been feeling ??
Last week I though I was already suffering from nauseas but it was just a cold or something feeling pretty good but im peeing a lot more and really tired
My doctor is on holidays so can't get in till the 13th may kinda nervus about this pregancy after having DS and the horrable experience that was I just want every thing to go smooth

I hope your all having a good week

A little about my self I'm Bek 21 live in WA have a 4 year old daughter And my son is 2 tomorrow smile got married last November that's pretty much it smile
Where is everyone from ?

Symptoms so far include sore boobs and frequent peeing. No ms yet - not looking forwards to that part smile
MS09 I'm from WA too - I live in Perth, where bouts are you?

smile we live south the river (southern river ,gosnells) wbu ??

Not many symptoms here yet - A few bouts of fatigue and a little tummy cramping which I'm hoping is implantation.

According to my calculations (nerd heheh) bub is due on jan 7 and was conceived on the 16th which just happened to be my birthday lol!

A bit about me, as I said before I have a 10 month old son. His birth and the first few months of his life were terrifying and traumatic. We almost lost him twice so we're so, so grateful to have him. I'm hoping this pregnancy and birth is smooth sailing. Im 27 and we live in Brisbane.
It's so nice to hear others are having the same concerns as me.

I have been very tired and feel like my period is coming (I keep checking too lol)!! But that's about all the symptoms I have had. So excited!!

I'm 29, married for 5 years, first bub and I live in western nsw (middle of nowhere).
I'm from Geelong in Vic. I have a 15 month old daughter. I am a late starter. I'm 35 in a few weeks.
This nausea is a new thing for me. Apart from not having my period, I wouldn't have even know I was pregnant with my first for the first 5 months. Felt absolutely no different. So hoping this time around its just a passing thing!
Apart from that, I had been really tired but starting to pick up a bit this week. And really really thirsty all the time :/
Well I feel more normal now, thanks! This site/group is great for helping with anxieties and its nice to be able to share pregnancy with ppl when keeping it secret from everyone else!
I turned 28 apr 17th and decided Mother Nature was getting me pregnant as my present after 13months of ttc Haha!
Ive been with my partner nearly 6 yrs, we married mar last year and live in frankston, victoria! This is our first buba so very excited, nervous and in disbelief stil. I'll be 5 wks tomo and can't wait to be in 2nd trimester so everything is a bit safer!
Kelly smile
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