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Due January 2014 Lock Rss

Gawd, I can't remember going to the toilet so often when pregnant with DD! Feels like I'm constantly going or could also be the fact that I do drink a lot of water haha boobs feeling slightly sore, but don't feel as full like the first time around. Midwife appt set for 24th may as will be 8 weeks then, don't know how they do it here in the UK, but hoping they can show me everything is growing normally.
Yeh I don't remember needing to go toilet this much with my son
When will you all be telling family ?? My hubby said to wait and see if anyone notest but mum has booked a holiday house for Xmas for 22 dec to the 2 jan both my kids were 1 week early so I probably won't be going sad
I can't wait to get a " dating scan " to see if everything is going well will wait till 9/10 weeks

Also will any of you find out sex I said to hubby I wanted a suprise we already have one of each would be nice to have a little suprise at the end

That's funny Kelly smile I turned 27 on April 16 and got pregnant too! Heheh.

Is anyone thinking of creating a facebook group for us yet? smile
Hey MS09 I live in Thornlie so super close to you!

Tora my due date is 7th of Jan too smile

I have been with my hubby for 6 years and got married March last year. This is our first baby so ee are very excited, worried and overwhealmed!

We'll tell family when all clear comes through at 12 week scan so fingers crossed all goes well and we will find out the sex too when the time comes. Just makes it easier for us to prepare. DH loves to live by prior perpetration prevents p!ss poor performance haha. I might tell mum on her birthday which is 28th may, as ill be just over 8 weeks then and would have seen the midwife. Plus the fact I had to give her crappy news on her birthday last year due to my health so this might make up for it smile
I think well wait till 12wks as much as its going to be hard to keep secret. If i get sick work will be a hard one to keep secret, I'm a full-time primary school teacher (2 days physical education, 3 days grade 1/2). Hoping I can try work to the very end of school yr (20th dec) as then ill get paid hols and start mat leave on first day back to school next yr.
I think I want to find out the sex for bonding and preparation but will keep it from everyone else.
I was thinking that we need a Facebook group!
I can set up the Facebook page if you want. It will be set up as secret obviously!! I'll sort it out this morning and let you know when it's done.
Well that wasn't so hard lol
Does anyone else want to be an admin for the page as well?
Good work! I think if you just get people's emails you don't need to friend them, save you getting an extra 100 friends lol
My email is see if that works otherwise ill add you as a friend smile
Ok. I'll give it a go with the emails
Ok. Yep emails work if i do it on the computer rather than phone. So just give me your emails or friend me, whatever suits. You can unfriend once you're in the group. Up to you.
Have invited you awaitingJP
Hi I would love to join the fb group my email

Im planning on telling my mum tonight, I can't keep this secret! I think hubby and I would both love to find out the sex for sure - makes it more real and you can prepare smile. The next one we might keep as a suprise.

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