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Due January 2014 Lock Rss

Havnt got an add yet will have look when get home smile

Thanks Leanne!
Sent another invite Bek. Let me know if you still don't get it.
Everyone thats given their emails to now have been added to fb page. I've set fb up so that anyone can add people, just to make it easier and so i dont miss anyone smile
Thanks for organising the group!

Still can't see it hmm silly phone my fb name is Bek shord hanley

Ha! Bek, I think we have a mutual friend in Jess shord. She's in my other huggies fb group from my first bub.
I copied and pasted your email address you gave so not sure why its not working.
Ps: and Bek, don't worry I won't tell her anything
Haha she in my sister in law smile ok will see of it works now smile

It doesn't look like I've been added yet smile Hoping I gave you the right email addy lol.
Hi ladies i think i will be in here Due 10th Jan will wait a few days to do another test before i fully beleive it. Been TTC for 18months this will be number 1 for me and my DH. We are super excited

Congrats kumeroa! Wishing you a good pregnancy!!

A Facebook group has been set up if you want to put your email address so you can be added if you want smile
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