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Due January 2014 Lock Rss

Hi everyone, kinda a HUGE surprise that I'm even on here but here I am smile Hope you don't mind me joining. I have 3 boys and this is a total surprise pregnancy....Feeling incredibly exhausted, have exploding boobs and lots of night sickness!! Oh and I'm due 5 January smile
Julia I've just added you too, hope it works smile
Welcome Shanz1, the more the merrier. Congrats! We've got a Facebook group going if you want to be added give you email smile
Congrats shanz1!!! That's very exciting smile

Thanks awaitingJP

I still can't see the group. It must my my Facebook sad

I'll check again tomorrow.
Thanks that would be cool smile Email is
Our back mum I did finaly find it because it's am email request you have to go into your email address your fb is connected to hope that works for you

No probs I've added you too smile
ok sounds like us mums are due around the same time im due on the 7th jan so makes,me 5 weeks do any of u girls get cramps I have alot of period like cramps. I
this will be my third but been 5 years since my last so cant remember but im really worried that it could b a sign if something wrong
I have found I get the stretching sore feelings due to the uterus expanding I think. So much is going oon in there right now!!! I'd say it's fairly normal smile
thanks shanz1 I thought it was normal but cant help but worry about the cramps have u had any morning sickness yet. all I have had is cramps and cant stop eating
Quite a bit of nausea esp at night, and I do have agonising exploding boobs!! hahaha But I didn't get any sickness at all with my first boy or much with my 2nd either so could be very different!! Am sure all is well with your lil sticky bean smile
Hi ladies, I'm due on 3rd Jan with my second. I also have a 4 year old. Could you please add me to the FB group Thanks.
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