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Due January 2014 Lock Rss

Hello ladies, I would love to join because at the moment I am panicking! After TTC for 2 cycles, I did a HPT yesterday and got a BFP! This is my first baby so I have no idea what to expect or do at the moment. I am so so so excited, but also terrified! I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way!

Congratulations to all you other ladies who got the BFP!
Congrats Stephanie0802
Feel free to ask any questions, we're all here to help & support each other. Do you know when you are due? There's plenty of due date calculators online.
There is also a Facebook group if you want to be added to that. You just need to give us your email address. It's a secret group so no one can see it or what you are posting except us.
I will be due roughly around 17 Jan. my partner and I are so excited but hesitant, I know I am being over cautious about things probably (not wanting to fuel up the car! Lol) but I just want to wrap myself in bubble wrap!
Hi girls,
Would love to join you all.
Got a BFP today smile
Due 13.01.14
Baby #2
And I am from Perth

Would love to join the facebook group as well!
Hi Ivette!

Congrats on your BFP! I've tried to send the request through for Facebook group. Hope it works. Let us know if it hasn't smile
Hi there,

Im due 14th Jan, after trying for 9 months.
This will be my 3rd child.
Would love to join any facebook groups.
Thanks smile
Haven't received it yet?
Bailees.mama and Ivette, I've invited you to the Fb group again. I think you have to go into your email to find the invite...i think. Let me know if it still hasnt worked.
1moretime, If you give us your email address we can add you. Otherwise i can add you by name. You can private message me your details if you prefer.
Hi everyone. Have just discovered I'm pregnant with my third! Due 3rd Jan... we weren't planning to start trying until end of year so a bit of a surprise smile DS will be 3 next month and DD is 19 months so will have 3 under 4years old which is freaking me out a bit.

Feeling very nauseous and already feel its getting difficult to suck my belly in! Being my third it might be difficult hiding for the 12 weeks that I want to sad
hi there can you add me to facebook group please *email deleted* Thanks

Hi Ladies

Congrats to you all.
Im Ange, Im 34 and from Christchurch and this is pregnancy number 3 for me. Im just over 4 weeks and am due 10 Jan.
This was a very planned pregnancy as Im deemed high risk so no surprise for us.
This is my partners first so he is over the moon. I think I will be diagnosised as being insane by the end of the 9mths as my parter will not let me do anything, except sit on the couch lol. Will be a very long 9 mths. I think it is cute though smile
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