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Due January 2014 Lock Rss

oh and can I please be added to the facebook page also
Hi all, im Toni, not sure how far along i am as only got my BFP on friday night, hell of a shock!! this will be my 4th, yes 4th lol. Im 30, have ds11 dd6 and dd3. DD3 was supposedly our last, we TTC for 2 years but nothing happened, after finally deciding the age gap was too big and we should move on, wahhlah!

Hubby isnt over the moon, he decided he was done with kids but guess he better change his mind set pretty quick haha. Dr appt on thursday to confirm pregnancy grin
My email address is Thank you!
Morning! congratulations ladies!!!!!!

I've added Michelle,Ange and Amber to the Facebook page.

Hi tony. We have a Facebook page going if you would like to be added. Just leave your email address and someone can add you.

Have a wonderful day smile
mum2h&d wrote:
Hi everyone. Have just discovered I'm pregnant with my third! Due 3rd Jan... we weren't planning to start trying until end of year so a bit of a surprise smile DS will be 3 next month and DD is 19 months so will have 3 under 4years old which is freaking me out a bit.

Feeling very nauseous and already feel its getting difficult to suck my belly in! Being my third it might be difficult hiding for the 12 weeks that I want to sad


We have a Facebook page going if you would like to join us. Leave your email address and someone can add you smile

It does'nt look like I have been added. I can not find the group????
Hey ladies,

Can I please be added to the facebook group too? email address on fb is
I'm guessing its a private secret group so it wont show up on my page tongue I was part of one for my first pregnancy and its been amazing.
Hope you're all well so far!

Hello there ladies,

I too have just found out i'm pregnant with my 3rd. Have been trying to conceive for over 12 months after suffering 2 miscarriages in a 12 month period about 2 years ago.
I have lost a bunch of weight and so i'm feeling positive about this little bump.
Had a scan today to confirm dates and even though i'm only 5 weeks 4 days, i was lucky enough to see a flapping heart beat. So over the moon! grin
I would love to join the face book page too. my email address is
Looking forward to getting to know everyone throughout this journey.


Hi all! i just got my BFP tuesday night...! its my first, i'm completely green...had to google the BFP acronym smile only just came off the pill before in a bit of shock! actually, i really need a docs visit to confirm.
Congrats everyone!! I haven't had a chance to read through all the posts yet, but will do so over the weekend.

I just got my bfp this morning, and am a bit anxious after a miscarriage a couple of months ago. Really hope this baby is a healthy one.

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.

I have 2 little boys 18mo and 3 (tomorrow!). I would love a pink bundle, but another boy would be loved every bit as much. So happy right now!!!

Can someone add me to the Facebook group too please?

Hey, my email is for facebook smile
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