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Due May 2014 Rss

awsome thank you

hi I am Trish and new to this site, and I am also due 5 may,
I just need to find out if after 3 positive tests one faint line one brighter line and one dark line does this mean that I can say that I am pregnant as I have already had one miscarriage in June was five weeks had only faint line on test. I am waiting to go to the doctors as I am only four weeks. 1st test was dpo 10 2nd was dpo 12 third was today dpo14 edd is 5 of may by dd calculator. If I keep on testing should the line get darker as the hgc levels get more.
Hi Trish, congratulations & welcome.

As each days goes on, the line should get darker as your HCG levels increase, I would make sure your using the same brand with each test though. As each brand is sensitive to different levels of HCG.

Iv only had taken one HPT, but will test again tomorrow morning before I ring the GP.

Hi trish yeah it should get darker but a lines is a line congrats I did 5 test before I was 100% convinced I was pregs lol
little-miss-lun how did you get the ticker to work?

This is my ticker Code:

[url=] [img][/img] [/url]

For it to work, I needed to remove everything before the first IMG & every after the last IMG, so it should look like this:


Then it should work

thank you I finally worked it out after many trys lol

thanks for the replies if makes me fell better this time as this one may stay with me grin hoping for the best
using same brand
testing ticker
Hey guys!

I'm new to this forum and am due May 2nd. This is my first bub.

At the moment I'm not having any symptoms except some tiredness. I've had 6 positive tests and am having my blood test tomorrow morning.

Hey all. I'm Ann-Marie. Feeling pretty good except for being extremely tired today. Sore and sensitive boobs too. Going to hve bloods in the morning. Gonna be hard to keep this secret smile
I've only done 1 test eek! Going to do another tomorrow morning and try to get in to see my GP asap.

How long does it take to get blood test results?
Good morning, Congratulations & welcome maybubba.

Fx this one is a sticky bubba for you Trish & everyone else.

Missed my FMU this morning, as I was half asleep, so will do a test soon, then will ring the GP.

Good luck for the ladies having blood test today, hope your not squeamish.

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