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Due in July 2014 Lock Rss

Hi there, every month is covered till we hit July 2014 so thought I might kick it of if anyone else is interested to join?

Bit about my self. I'm 23, stay at home mum to a 3 1/2 year old daughter and 19month son. I just found out in the weekend that we are expecting our 3rd but because my last cycle was so shifty I think I am 4.5 weeks pregnant even though it has been 6 since my last cycle. We had a miscarriage at 7 weeks about 6 months ago so I'm still weary about how this pregnancy will go.

Any way would love to hear from you so that on our bad days and our good of course we can share (especially nice when you don't want to tell any one yet)
Hi Mum2All,

Looks like I'm joining you! Sorry for your previous loss- hopefully this is a sticky bub! I have had 2 miscarriages myself, 1 in Dec last year and the last one just last month in September so I was super socked to find I was preg again so fast!! I got my BFP last week and had bloods over weekend. And doc said everything looks good!! I'm due around 4th July!!

A bit about me - I'm 25, this is will be baby number 1 for me. So far had morning sickness (don't know why they call it that when its all day!!) which is apparently good as I didn't get it with the last 2 MC's!

Fingers crossed for sticky bubs for us!!! smile

Ps. My I suggest changing the title of the thread to due in July 2014? I had trouble finding it, so others may as well smile
Adjusted the title and am so happy you got pregnant that fast again for you! Bummer you had to go through 2 miscarriages already so here's to hoping for a healthy pregnancy. And I agree with the morning sickness, all day, am just trying to keep distracted really. I've also got this foul metallic taste over powering my mouth. I to had no morning sickness with my MC and all the way through with my 2 previous pregnancies so yea as crap as it is, bring on the morning sickness

I'm also due on the 4th of July by my calculations so that should be interesting...
Hi ladies, I might as well join this too.

A little bit about me- I am 28. We have been married for a year now. We have wanted to have kids immediately after getting married, but DH wasn't in the most reliable job so we were waiting for a new one to come up before we started trying. But through September we decided we were sick of waiting and to give it ago!

AF was due Sunday just gone, had no signs of it coming. Sunday night I dreamt I did a test and it was positive so as soon as I woke up Monday morning I took a test and got a BFP! Did it again later in the day to the same result! We were in shock and it hasn't really sunk in yet!

Am off to the doctor very soon to hopefully get bloods done. So I hope to have a more accurate date, but through calculations it looks like around 6th July. Last cycle was a funny one though with AF only lasting a day and a half so has made it hard to work out.

Am feeling great, no major signs as yet. Just extremely sore, swollen boobs!! They aren't even fitting in my bras!! I am hoping morning sickness kicks in soon as I have heard what you are both saying about it and that makes me nervous! Also feeling pretty tired by the end of the day too. And should I be feeling hungry this early??? Am a teacher and I am hanging out for break times so I can have something to eat!!haha

Me hungry all the time too
Welcome HopefulMummy and Congrats!

My boobs are so sore as well - had to go get new bras already! Oh and yes definitely hungry!!!! And tired as anything by the end of the day!!!
I know lots of people who have had no morning sickness throughout their pregnancy and had beautiful healthy bubs. If you don't get morning sickness your lucky!!

Yay Mum2all due date buddies!!!

I'm flying out tomorrow to Victoria - not sure how ill go on the plane! Hope it doesn't make the morning sickness worse!

Thought I would start the date list, so we can keep track!

4th : Sezzie87, Mum2all
6th : HopefulMummy
Good luck with the flying! Yuck, I get sick when flying regularly, hate to think what I'd be like with morning sickness too!!

Appointment with my doctor went really well last night. She was a bit puzzled about my last AF only being one and a half days long last month and said I could be further along than we think. Especially because I told her my boobs have been big and swollen for over a week now! She referred me for a scan so while I was waiting for the nurse to go get me the info back DH ran out and rang the place before they closed. They only had appointments during the day today or next Thursday!!! So I've taken a sick day so we can have it today! Goodness knows what we'll see there, but at least we'll know about more about it!

Seems I have the day off, I'd better go get myself some new bras!

Ohh goodluck hopefulmummy you might be further along, wouldn't that be cool. Let us know how you get on
Well that was bit of a disappointment! Had our scan, lady wasn't very friendly at all!!! She had the doctor's notes so knew why we were there- to see if I was 8 weeks or 4 weeks. She very abruptly told me she "couldn't see anything so it probably means it is too early". So I was the one who then said, well that must mean I'm 4 weeks. She was nice enough to correct me saying I'm 4 weeks and 5 days!! She then said we could have an internal but it probably won't show any more. Poor DH, don't think he realised that even at 4 weeks it is hard to see anything.

So it's back to the waiting game until we are further along!!

Oh bummer would have been nice to just magically skip 4 weeks. Am going to wait with booking a scan till I know I am atleast 6 weeks gone. By then you should be able to see a heart beat I think.
Yeah I was really hoping we could jump ahead 4 weeks!!haha. We will be waiting another two or three weeks now before we go in again. If the doctor didn't put doubts on our timeline, we wouldn't have gone. Even though I know there is a chance of not seeing anything at 4 weeks, it did still make me feel a little worried and down. I did come home and do another test...but it's all good!

YAY! I'm on this list too...

About me, well my partner and I (32) have been trying naturally for about 4 years to have a baby. Finally the tests I took were positive. I have been to the doctor who did U/S and was too early to see anything. According to my charts I'm about 5 weeks pregnant. Yay!!! And I think due July 2 2014. Will know more if all goes well in three weeks. This time is taking forever.

I'm hungry, nervous, sore breasts and so tired, but love it all!
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