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Due in November 2014 Lock Rss

Congrats Serise! Same due date as me by My LMP

This will be #2 for me. I'm feeling pretty good in the morning but the last few days as the day gets on I get so tired and nauseaous and feel really hot..... It's all good though as I was starting to worry about not feeling anything (nausea started with DS the day AF was due)

Ill add and PM you.....

Im feeling ok but I know it will hit me soon lol. How do you get the little ticker picture thing? Im not very good on this - that's why I did the fb group straight up lol
I have a Girl who is 5 and a Boy who is 3.
Had a lots of MS with my girl for the whole 9 months.
No MS with my boy but a lot of physical pain.
Feeling nausea here and there, not turned off by
any food yet. Feeling quite exhausted.
Hi ladies
Ive just found out im pregnant due with #4. Have a just turned 4 year old, 2.8 year old and a 13 month old. Very shocked. According to conception date im due 1 November or 4 November by LMP. As im still BF the only real cycle I got was on Jan 30th for went for 8 days and conception jus days after. prior to that I hadn't got a period till November with a few spotting over the last few months before that.

OH awesome how u have a facebook page already!!
Congrats and welcome 4babiez2love!

Feel free to add yourself to the due date list.

AFM... I get so tired and nauseous in the afternoon/evening, I just feel yuk. And I sooooo hungry, and feel so bloated all the time. Not that I am complaining, I am growing a little baby smile

Congrats 4babez! I'm on my 5th. Yes I started the fb page because I don't normally get on here often and find most people use fb much more lol.

What state is everyone from? I'm in qld
This will be number 2 for us. Our little girl will be 2 in just 13 days. No nausea here yet and am hoping it stays that way, however I have been having nap's everyday with the girl and just so tired in general as well as having constant hunger pains.

Will join the facebook group once we have had a dating scan to confirm everything as being due on the 1st we could very easily get moved forward to October.

Hi I am due 5/11/14 I am from Nz and if this works out we will have birth child number 2 number one is 8 months old, so a 17 month age gap, im not counting my chickens tho as I had 8 misscarriages before having my first bubba.
we have an 8 year old, 6 year old and 3 year old permanent foster children who we have had since babyhood, so baby will be our 5th kid,
love the idea of joining a facebook group, couldn't see the link tho
Diminished - you will need to add me on fb, Serise Reese and I can add you to the group. It's secret so it doesn't show up. I'm also a foster carer although we are taking a break at the moment. Hope it remains sticky for you!
Hi ladies! We're due November 6, with number two smile
Serise - I've just seen your message, so will join your group.

smile I had also set up a facebook page for any Mum's in NZ that want to join a NZ facebook page so we can meet up/coffee date etc. Hope I'm not stepping on any toes - I'm keen to join your one too smile But if anyone would like to join a NZ one, please PM me and I'll add you - Katie Crawford.
Hi ladies! I just my BFP this morning!! grin

EDD is Nov 10 according to my app.

I will wait to join FB group until we have at least told our families smile

Wishing everyone a cruisey 8 months!!
Congratulations Dom.
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