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Due in November 2014 Lock Rss

Hiya & welcome! Just add Ser1se or Kimchan on their Facebook links & they'll add u to the Aussie page! smile Or the group is called November Mummies 2014 with a teddy with purple background as the pic! grin

Hi all
Im new to the forum, and would love be able to talk with people going through the same things i am.
This is going to be my first bub (4 try) and am due 13 November. would like to join the NZ facebook site if someone could help me with that
Hi, welcome, add me as a friend and il add you in (group settings make it difficult to add people in otherwise)

Thank you, I've just sent you a message Kim!smile
hi I m yachna from new Zealand expecting number 2 due on 11/11 . have to take nausea tablet everyday to keep food down plus started getting Braxton hicks since yesterday. my son is 3 years old. so far I m 22 weeks
Welcome Yachna, do you have facebook? a couple comments above i have a link to my facebook page if you add me then i can add you to the group (which is where most of us are now)

Hi KimChan-0, can you add me to the NZ group? I am 20 weeks with my first hub and rue 24th Nov. cheers Nicky
Due to the huge amount of people on the f.b nz group, there seems to be a mutual decision across the group that no more people can be added- mostly based on the fact there is alot of extremly personal information shared and will continue to be shared,. I am more than happy to keep adding people to the Aus group if any new mums would like some ladies to talk to (and im always floating around huggies)

Yay come join us in the Aussie group...there's lots of NZ ladies with us anyway! Definately add to our group Kimchan! smile

i shall, theres 95 people on the nz group and the mass is becoming overwhelming for the intimate information shared

Woah yeah I get why u don't want any more then!? smile

*cody+nate'smummy* did you end up finding out what you are having? Have been curious to see whether you got your little girl this time around or if you are instore for another little man smile

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