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Due October 2015 Lock Rss

This seems ridiculously early, but I just got a very early positive test, and according to my ovulation time, I am due very early October! So here goes nothing =)

Same here. I just found out today.
Congrats! How exciting xD Im going a little nuts with excitement, which I shouldn't really be already, we had a loss just last month, very early on, So I must have gotten pregnant straight away!
We are trying to be cautious but it already feel quite different, I don't have the same terrible feeling of apprehenision that I had in December so fingers crossed!

I too have just found out I got some very early BFP's, two yesterday and one this morning. If all goes well, I'll be due around the 10/11th October. I'm quietly optimistic but am also trying very hard not to get too excited..still got a looooong way to go!
How long after ovulation did you test? I had what I beleive was implantation bleeding 4 days ago but am unsure how much longer I should wait to test? (I think I am going crazy waiting for that BFP lol)
Hi claire...I initially thought I was 8 or 9 dpo but after recounting I was more like 11 or 12 dpo, 5 days before AF is due. I read that you start producing HCG once the egg has been implanted. So if you think you've had IB then you might be able to get a positive. When is AF due?? I initially tested with my later afternoon urine, and I almost missed the second line as it was very faint. So I tested yesterday morning again twice, another Pregnosis and then a First Response. Decided that the FR was so much easier to read LOL
I tested three days before my period was due, and 13 days after ovulation here, had my first lot of bloods here on Wednesday.
My partner insisted I got get a maternity bra already because all my normal period smpthons are already here for the pregnancy only much worse, so nausea, breast sweeling, the stupid bloat that makes me look twenty weeks pregnant when I am a nice size ten normally lol, butwent and got fitted for one, so thats ice. also found a midwife, because my last pregnancy I missed out and had to go with the public system because I waited till eight weeks or so.

Today I've been feeling hungry all day!! Thought I was going to pass out when I went on my lunch break. Was feeling a bit light headed but after some food, it eased somewhat. Also been really thirsty. Not sure if that's normal? It's been exceptionally hot but can't decide if it's just that.

I haven't made an appointment with the GP or a midwife yet. I'll probably get some bloods done next week and start searching for a midwife too.
hey ladies smile just found out today im preg with baby #4 had a miscarriage 3 month ago so its a bit of a shock and having major sticky thoughts smile
Hi girls, big congrats! I got a very dark line positive this morning, which will make me due around Oct 7th. This is baby number 2 and Im so very excited smile
we have such a lllllllloooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg way to go hahaha is it to early to be thinking about names etc hehe smile
Hahaha, I know right! That's why I'm just taking it a week at a time LOL As for names, might take all this time to come up with some names LOL

Happy Sticky Babies Ladies!
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