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Due October 2015 Lock Rss

Hi girls add Zoe read a few posts above re: full name . Add as friend on Facebook and she should add ya. Let us know if any problems
Hi everyone. I am due on October the 6th with baby #10. I have 5 boys and 4 girls already, none of which are multiples. Hope everyone is doing well.

Hi I'm due on 2nd October with number 4. We have 3 boys Austin (almost 7), Zeke (5) and Campian (20 months).

hi all, I'm also due October with baby no 2 smile
Hi all. I am a member of the July babies group (6 days to go!), and find the associated Facebook really helpful. I have a friend who is looking to join a FB group for October babies if there is one - could you please let me know who she might need to contact to do this? Thanks!
Hi k-Sutton congrats not Long now u must be so excited and ready !. You can add Zoe kerisiano. We have a group on Facebook up and running and it's real helpful smile
Thought id jump on here and say hello.
Bub number 4 due beginning of October.

only 10 and a bit weeks to go EEEeeeeekkk. i better get organised
Hi ladies, I'm due early October with #2. We have just moved back into the Waikato region from Auckland so am looking at meeting some mums due around the same time smile I have a 2 year old daughter who will be 3 in October! So its going to be a busy month for us.
Hi ladies if you want to join the Facebook group follow instructions in above posts were all on there
Hi ladies I'm due October 21st but pretty sure my baby is coming 2 weeks early or il be induced early because I have antibodies and now that I'm 29 weeks babys is smaller than average just wondering should I be worried about this at all have added Zoe Kerisiano so that I can join the coffee group on fb

Any help would be great xx

I'm due about the 10th Oct.
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