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Due October 2015 Lock Rss

with my last mp I would be due the 4-6th of oct so 4ish weeks. its going to drag most days I can feel it.. how do you and your partner go on agreeing on names? me and dp are terrible my eldest is 3 his name is Tairell (made up from dps 5 sisters names :-/) and Temani my youngest 2 in august was the only name we could agree on for the whole 8ish months sad should be fun this time round
We haven't had the name talk here yet. We already have a three year old called Charles though. We have a girl name chosen since we started trying. But am not planning on having a huge amount of medical intervention, going to try for no ultrasounds etc. See how I go lol

We haven't had the serious name talk yet, have played around with a few names during our process of TTC. Hubby believes he will know what to know him (think's we're having a boy or twins LOL) when he sees him. I'm assuming we'll have a few names to choose from. Plenty of time for that!

When I was at my GP last month, she mentioned that because of my high blood pressure I may end up under specialist care if I get pregnant. I want to try and avoid any unnecessary medical interventions as much as possible but guess we'll just have to wait and see how things go. i know I want at least one ultrasound.

dp just laughed at me when I said so what we going to call this one haha long time to go yet smile

just went for a 80min walk and my hands were like balloons :-/ didn't think that would happen so early on I looked a bit weird walking with my hands above my head for 10min!!

how all you ladies feeling?
Apparently I'm four weeks and one day today based on my app. I think how they date things is weird, coz it's not actually true - it's my little pet peeve but I'll go with it LOL I took the clear blue digital test this morning, just to make sure I am preggos! We told DH's parents (they live in USA) who were so excited and thought we were kidding. So nice suprise for them.

I'm thirsty all the time which is making me use the loo all the time. I'm convinced that drinking all this water is making me feel bloated and gassy LOL I'm not sleeping very well, but not sure if that's a symptom or just because I've gotten into a pattern of broken sleeps.

How far along are you ladies? Have you told any people?
I just found out Im pregnant last week, no real idea of due date or anything yet though. I used a clear blue digital test which gave me a conception estimate of about 2-3 weeks ago. Off to see my ob/gyn tomorrow as my last pregnancy was ectopic so I have lots of monitoring ahead. Ive told my sister and a couple of close friends at work as there are some parts of my job I wont be able to do while pregnant, but apart from that, I wont be telling anyone until they can confirm everythings normal
Congrats everyone! I tested this morning and it came up positive, due date will be the 12th Oct. My husband and I are very excited. This will be number 4 and last for us. We have DS who is 7 DD1 who is 3 and DD2 that is 1. Booked on to see the Dr next Thursday. Goodluck to everyone for happy and healthy pregnancies!
Wahoo, congrats Double! Our due dates are only two days apart! I'm supposedly due on the 10th but I won't take much notice of that.

I got a doctors appointment for tomorrow which I'm not really sure what to expect from that. Will take it as it comes I suppose smile
Nausea can dide a long painful death here. I had hyper esemis gravidum with my 3yo so have been dreading it, the hormones lus the heat have been downfall despite my careful prep =( Thankfully have warded off the vomitting so far but I'm no longer confident I can ward HEG this pregnancy, they say its orse with the second one, and I certainly didn't have any nausea this early on with #1, none till seven weeks.
That plus the super early positive (Im positive re:dates) also makes me paranoid about multiples, (a friend just announced a triplet pregnancy! no doubt contributing) Ahhh.
But yes Nausea sucks.

Dancingdoula, I've read a bit about that morning sickness and it just sounds awful!

Hehe, hubby also thinks we could have twins because of such an early positive HPT. Would be a miracle if we did coz there aren't any in either side of our families.

Hi ladies, I got a BFP last night and this morning, I'm in total shock. Very early days though, I don't think I'm even 4 weeks yet. I am due around the 15th of Oct. I've been feeling so sick already!! My first thought when the test came back positive was twins so I'm just a little anxious at the moment lol
Hi ladies, congrats on your BFPs! Just letting you know I've just launched a small website where you can find a private facebook group with other ladies who are due at the same time as you. If you're interested, have a look at it here and click on the "join" tab. All the best with the coming months x
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