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Due October 2015 Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

After 4 years of TTC and 7 rounds of IVF (and 1 round of IUI), I finally got the call from my IVF clinic on Monday to say that I'm 4.5 weeks pregnant! Due date is 12th October.
Hi ladies I m 5 weeks today due date is October 11th. My husband and I have have been ttc number 2 for 3 1/2 years. I have had brown spotting the past few days so feel a bit anxious as i miscarried end of 2013. Our oldest is 8. Hoping it all works out.
Welcome pip and 12455! Hope everything goes smoothly for you! I am five weeks and due on the 10th, seems like such a looooooong time away!
Well after a few scares this baby seems to be sticking in there ???? so I think I can join you all now ???? this is bubs #2 for us, we have a 3 year old son. I think I'm due around the 15th of October ????
Thanks Kriska.

I should also mention that this is bub #2 for us (we have a boy aged 5). We've had secondary infertility due to issues stemming from my first cesarean and then due to my age.

Welcome Kylie smile
Kylie - I've been wondering how you've been getting on! Glad to hear that things are looking good!

I'm enjoying the 'nana naps' over the last few days. Can't believe how tired I've been feeling! Apart from that, the extra thirstiness, and the occasional headaches, I don't feel fell pregnant LOL Can't wait to go for my first scan!
Is anyone actually feeling anything?? I have nothing except a slight nausea if I overexert myself (I felt dizzy and sick when I did the grocery shopping today). Kinda wishing for the morning sickness to kick in so that I know something really is happening...
I am exhausted all the time and so thirsty to!! I have the occasional waves of nausea and my boobs have been incredibly sore today. Thanks Kriska, I kind of withdrew from the world when I started spotting last week but my blood test results have been fantastic so I'm going with a sticky baby ????
Hello All, Looks like i can join you all here. We have got a positive test back. smile I am still finding it hard to believe as today is the first time i have felt different to normal. Have been a bit on the sleepy side. That is all though (apart from being hungry) So different from my last pregnancy. I was sick from V early on and lasted nearly the whole way through. I am hoping this is not going to be the same. Oh i should mention i think i am due around 10th Oct. DD (nearly 4yrs) is going to be so thrilled. We are going to try and keep it to ourselves for as long as possible. But if i get sick i am going to have to tell some sooner.
Good luck to everyone else.
Congrats ladies! 12455A9D I feel like we are kinda like twins -secondary infertility for us too, oh and I m wishing morning sickness on too!! What kind of sick person wishes that upon themselves. Lol. Im still kind of spotting so I m a little worried, I can't wait to ring my fertility specialist tomorrow and ask if I should be worried. I'm so knackered I ve pretty much napped every second day, I m really struggling, I can't remember what I was like with my first as it was almost 9 years ago and well I was a 17 year old carefree person working hard but living with my parents haha so not much to be exhausted about.
I've been wondering why my HCG levels weren't tested on my first lots of bloods. Is that normal??? I wanted to make sure they were and are rising!
That seems really weird Kriska, can you ring the doctors and ask why they weren't?
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