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Due October 2015 Lock Rss

I got the results on the early hours of Friday which meant the doctors were closed due the holiday. Guess I'll give them a ring tomorrow and find out why there weren't done. Nothing on the results resemble the hcg levels. They tested for everything else!
Hi Ladies - I am due 17th Oct with #2.

Is there a facebook group started yet?

the group is building smile don't think there is a facebook group yet Jodiermc I was trying to but need to add people before I can create it so if anyone would like to be added you can search for me and add Zoe Kerisiano and my pic is of my 2 boys and I can start one up
I'm exhausted here, and the nausea, nearly lost my breakfast in the supermarket today, last pregnancy I managed to throw up all over a bus stop in Auckland, so i wouldn't be impressed if I had managed it, it wa sterribly embrassing the first time.
Zoe88t, I think I have added you, I am Holly Neilson,

added smile page is called Huggies October 2015 babies you should be able to search for it now that's its created smile if not feel free to add me
Cool I sent a request to join the group - I always find it so much easier to chat


Can't find the group. Can someone add me: Klariske Nordin
I can't seem to find it either. Zoe88T, I've sent a friend request if you could please add me. My profile pic is of a guy with a saxophone.
added you ladies smile
Hi Zoe is it a secret group? Can I be added please? I'll add u on FB?

DD 1996
DS 1998

TTC just one last time smile
Angel 1 - Aug 2010
Angel 2 - May 2014
Angel 3 - Mar 2015
EDD - 30 April 2016... almost halfway!! smile

Hi All! Pregnant with #2 grin Have been 'trying' since stopping BF #1 back in May last year but cycles have been all over the place so was about to head to the specialist as we did with first bub. But out of nowhere without even thinking about it i got a BFP! Dating scan next Wednesday but think im due 9th Oct.
Zoe Ive added you on FB would love to be in the group smile
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