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Due October 2015 Lock Rss

Hi kiwikimh I have asked Zoe to pop back here to send you invites as I don't think I can do it as I didn't set group up smile
Fantastic. Thanks
hey ladies add me on fb and ill add you to the private group smile my name is Zoe Kerisiano and my 2 boys are my profile pix smile
Hi there was feeling ill for a few weeks and finally tested today;) expecting number two I'm guessing late October wink excited now - I thought I was dreaming it
am I able to be added to your facebook group?? My name is Alisa Hawthorne and their is a photo of my daughter and goddaughter cuddling as the photo?
Don't know where the start to this msg went too omg I am hopeless today !!!
Hi Zoe can you please add me to your facebook group? I have sent you a friend request.
Hey Ladies.
Wondered If there is a facebook Group for mums Due in Oct 2015? I'ed really love to be a part of it.
Pregnant with my 3rd baby smile
ZOE I'm going to try add you FB, if you could the group that would be great smile
Congrats I've asked Zoe to add u to fb group she may have already done so but I messaged her again .
Hey i finally managed to find the form I'm due around the 19th october and wondering if u could be added to Facebook group plz
on my name kirstyn brokland the photo on profile is of a cloud and sky
kirstyn brookland sorry need to read what i write
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