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Due December but don't want to be on Facebook page! Lock Rss

Hi ladies, just found out we're due Dec 7th ish! This is baby 4 so I wanted to hop back on and be part of a baby group and relish what is probably my last pregnancy! Feeling okay but definitely getting the snoozies at 2pm. How are you?
Don't want to join Facebook just yet but might join y'all later! xx
I have received a surprise bfp for our fourth as well. I'm still processing and in shock, estimated due date is 11 dec.
Wow! Congrats! Yep it's daunting every time but with all the other pregnancies I never regretted getting into it all early on, so taking that approach this time! The first baby I was so nervous I tried not to think about it for the first 12 weeks then felt like I really missed out when 12 weeks came! Hope you're feeling well. I had to tell my family I was "detoxing" to get out of drinks! Shot myself in the chocolate foot there!
Hey I think Im due in December too with #2. Not sure of dates but assume its start of DEC sometime, exciting times how are you guys feeling? Nausea is kicking in for me already makes it feel real

Hi Ladies also got a surprise positive for baby number 4! Going to see midwife on Wednesday to confirm and book a scan but I think I'm due the 6th of Dec. Nausea def kicked in and the snoozies also seem to appear around two o'clock for me. Little hard to nap with a 5 year old 3 year old and 9 month old all at home. smile
Hi ladies,
I just found out I'm due with my first Bub in December! It's great to be able to chat to others due around the same time!! Congrats everyone!
Has anyone else been advised to get the flu shot? I'm petrified if I get it, it will have an impact on the pregnancy... I'm only just starting week 6.
Well done everyone! Yes if the GP suggests it I will get the flu shot. I trust them to weigh up the benefits with the risks. Even if there are some risks with it, my feeling is that the risks of not getting it are greater, and that's why doctors would recommend something. Also, getting sick when you're pregnant is sickness at another level! I got the flu with DD3 and it completely took me out for a month, and even though I worked with my other pregnancies, I absolutely couldn't when I had the flu. Also just think, getting the flu can impact on the baby with secondary infections you get like pneumonia and hospitalisations! Anyone starting to look at midwives or obs yet?
Hi all just went to see my midwife today (had to get a scan order from her) and she also said to get the flu jab. I do every year any way but she said its perfectly safe to have it even this early on. I think the chances of the vaccine harming the baby would be less of that if you actually got the flu so I don't have an issue with it.
Yeah I seen a midwife the other day for scan form will go in a few weeks, what's best time to get dating scan? I'm not getting flu jab I never have but that is a personal thing, once again if its highly recommended I may change my mind.

Hi ladies...
I'm due December 3rd with #2!!! . Two goes at IVF for 2 Bubs... smile
Very excited!
Feeling a little queezy... And very tired,,, don't remember that with my son so maybe this time a girl?
Have my first ultrasound tomorrow smile
Thanks everyone for your help - if other doctors are recommending it too I will end up getting it smile
hi Ladies

Looks like my rainbow baby is on it's way, well i really hope so! Got my bfp last night, putting my estimate due date 23 December. Feeling a little nervous as we had a mc in February at six weeks which was our first pregnancy.
Looking forward to chatting to you all...hopefully you can keep me distracted!
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