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Due Jan 2016 Lock Rss

hi guys
Anyone know if there are any Due Jan 2016 facebook groups? might be a bit early. smile
Congratulations! I am due on the 2nd of Jan. I've not seen any groups yet but hopefully soon
awesome congrats! i'm due the 3rd jan smile
Congrats I'm due the 6th jan
congrats guys! i'm going to start a facebook page smile i'll add the link here shortly
Hi, could we make this a secret group please? as I don't want anyone to know for a while yet smile
just made secret thanks i never thought of that sorry. i haven't told anyone yet either smile
Hi ladies - i got my BFP just yesterday so ill be joining you for Due January. This is #1 and has taken 20 cycles including 1 cycle of Clomid to get here. I think i'm still in shock!

Hi all, I've been trying for nearly 2 years and have a BFP! EDD 8th Jan.

Going through a bit of stress this week as doc has come back with bloodwork saying I have too much iodine, so further thyroid tests required. Hoping everything will be ok and monitored through until Jan!

Congratulations to you all smile

Hi guys just found out I'm pregnant today after a MC at Easter this will be number 2 but my 4th pregnancy. I'm due the 10th going by my dates

Congrats to everyone! smile feel free to join the FB page. I will add you
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