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Due April 2016 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies!!!
Anyone else out there due in April??

Im think I'm due around 12-04-2016 smile

Im 6weeks 4days due approx april 8th going for 1st ultrasound next week

Hey ladies just found out a week ago that im expecting #2. We have worked out im due about 24th april.
Hello! I'm due April - I think there's a group via Treasures. If I find it I will let you know
Hey ladies,
I have started a page on facebook called: Due April 2016 - Support Group.

Feel free to join if you wish. Its a page to support one another and get to know some new people!
Im due 9th April!!!! smile
Hi ladies, congratulations to you all xx I am 7 weeks today and apparently my due date is the 21st of April! I still haven't yet gone for my first scan so I am dying with excitement!! This is my third pregnancy and time just feels REALLY SLOW this time around :/ Can't wait for the first scan and I can't WAIT to tell everyone about our new bundle of joy smile
Hi ladies, I'm having an April fools day baby smile 1st April... Very Excited and it will be Baby No 3..
I have had my scan at 10wks it was amazing baby was waving it's hands moving it's legs and sucking it's thumb heart beat rate 163 very strong must be a girl smile! I have booked in with the local hospital already anytime after 10wks they accept. They will call me this Wednesday to book into the one on one midwife group for my antenatal checks...
Hi I am 6 weeks 3 days due April 29th smile I have a scan next week which I can't wait for.
Hello, im due 14th april so that makes me 8wks 6 days, very surprised at age 40, is my 2nd pregnancy and my daughter is now 10...very exciting!!!!
Congratulations to all the mamas smile I have an update I have my first midwife appointment on the 25th September I am lucky enough to get into the midwife one on one group (not sure what they call it here in aussie) at my local hospital instead of seeing a different midwife every appointment Yahh smile... I'm going to see my GP tomorrow to get an update on everything blood results, scan results and get my referral for my midwife she also needs all the results from GP for scan and bloods etc..

I am struggling to stay awake these days I get so tired and could sleep at the drop of a hat however I am still working so right now that is not possible sad anyone else feeling very tired and have no energy? I have only experienced this in the past few days....

I've decided to take the blackmore pregnancy tablets during this pregnancy as I am finding that my appetite is not the same, I'm very fussy at the moment and I know I'm not getting right nutrients and vitamins etc that my body needs - I'm not taking it as a supplement just an extra boost as i know I'm sure later in my pregnancy I should get my appetite back - I have stopped smoking too so that might be it?????

Have a good day ladies talk soon smile
Hi, I am due 16/4 with no 3, would love to join a fb group.
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