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Due April 2016 Lock Rss

I'm due on my Mums Birthday 20st April 2016 smile
I am due 7th of April!
Hi Ladies. Congratulations to you all!

I am due on April 1st 2016 with our first baby.

I call this baby our miracle. Our chances of even falling pregnant with IVF was 3%. So to fall naturally, it is a blessing.

On our 12 week scan the baby's heart beat was 158bpm, and all looking fine.

We have our morphology scan on 11/11/15
Hi all,

I'm due 11th April with first bub. Very excited as end of April is our first wedding anniversary as well.
i'm due on the 3rd of April grin

im due 13/04/2016:)
Hi everyone, baby no. 3 for us is due 10th of April ????
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