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Due June 2016 Lock Rss

Anyone due June 2016 ? i got my bloods back from the Nurse wed and she said i had the right hormone level for 4 weeks so got my first scan booked for oct 16th, i will be 6 weeks 4 days then so a little early for an 8 week dating scan but i had a missed miscarriage in june which was discovered at my 8 week scan so feeling a little anxious and want to get checked as soon as possible
Hi Jen, I am! At the moment I've calculated my EDD as 1/6/16, had bloods on Monday and they were at a really good level. I'm hoping I will also be able to get an early scan as I had blighted ovum found at a dating scan the end of last year.
I estimated my due date as june 3rd smile fingers crossed you can get an earlier scan, hopefully our dating scans will bring good news for us both this time around. I have been dignosed with high platelets though this time, so concerned about that. i have a doctors appointment next so hopefully get some more information about it.
Hi. Looks like I will be joining the group ???? EDD 13/6/16. Complete surprise!

Hi Tess, welcome and congratulations smile
Hi. Looks like I am joining the June baby club too. Had my bloods to confirm hcg levels etc today and expect to hear results in the morning. This is my 1st pregnancy and I am so super anxious. I'm finding it hard to be excited, like it's too good to be true. I guess im just trying not to get my hopes up in case little speck doesn't stick.
Hi MamaA, congratulations ! yep i know exactly what you mean but it's good to think positive smile i got a little carried away myself last week and ordered some baby booties that i seen in an online sale, then i had to remind myself i shouldn't get too excited until after 12 weeks scan results. would be interesting to hear what everyones hcg levels are ?
I had my first lot of bloods taken today so should get the results next weekend and will let you know. My HCG usually measures higher than average though. Hope you are all well. It all seems so surreal other than the nausea & full/heavy feeling downstairs.

i feel a little like that too sometimes as nowhere near as many symptoms as i had first time around, mainly just feeling tired - so having lot's of early nights, and some headaches which i think are from my high platelets.

my hcg at 14dpo was 244, which i was told was normal, i seen in the comments on my results that it recommended re-taking it in 48 hours but that hasn't been done yet so going to see if i can get bloods taken on thur which will be 2 weeks later, to know its on track.
JENJ do your drs know why you have high platelets?

Hi Tess, The nurse at our silver chain told me from my bloods on 14dpo that my platelets were high so she done tests for them again on thur, 1 week later. i called her for the results today, she said they were 430 on the first test and 500 on the 2nd , if they go to 600 i would be referred to a hematologist. i asked if i needed more blood tests and she had spoken to a doctor and they said that platelets can be elevated at the start of pregnancy because of implanting and wasn't really concerned about testing again but she told him i would be worried as already had 1 miscarriage so he said to test again in 10 days. I have a doctors appointment on thur though and we get different doctors come here so no idea who i will have but going to make sure they test again as if it was rising i can't understand why he wouldn't say to test again to be sure without being asked ! scary but trying to think positive.
I'll join you all if i may... due 4th of june and very happy and excited. Trying hard not to get stressed as we are also trying to buy a house at the moment. My Hcg was only 160 at 17 DPO, just inside the normal range.
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