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Due July 2016 Lock Rss

Has anyone else got their BFP for July yet?? I have my edd is July 6th smile
Yay congratulations! I got mine this morning, EDD 4th July going off LMC
Hi ladies

I'm new here... also got my BFP earlier this week. Exciting but also a little scary, being so early on!
My EDD by my dates is 11th, but I guess a scan in a few weeks will confirm that.

It was our first cycle TTC our first baby, so it does seem a little surreal.

I'm off to the GP tomorrow and then will start looking for a midwife.
Got my bfp last week. This will be #5! Edd 7th july.
Yes! Very exciting. I got my BFP Monday, EDD is 6th July. This will be our #2 smile
Congrats to you all. Got my BFP a week ago today!!! EDD for #4 July 11. Excited & terrified at the same time. It's been a decade since my last baby, the eldest being 12 year old twins!!!
Yay more July mummies to be!! How exciting!! If any of you would like to be added to the secret July 2016 do group please add me as a friend and I can add you... Tara Apps or to find me smile
Yay some more BFP! I've pmd you on fb Tara but I'm not sure if it's the right person or not smile
Hi. I would like to join this board please. Just got my BFP this morning so still very much in shock. This will be baby #4, took 7 months to conveive as I have had hormonal inbalance and have been seeing a naturopath so something obviously worked finally smile EDD is 18th July, my youngest is 3 on 23rd July so going to end up with 2 birthdays around the same time or even on the same day!!

Is there a facebook group yet?
I am 2 days late (and my last 2 cycles were bang on 25 days) so I'm hoping that I have a July 2016 baby...but just waiting for that BFP to show up! I feel like I'm in limbo atm and just want to know what's going on!
I am hoping to see a BFP in a few days that would mean a July baby smile

But conceiving first month TTC is rare right ?
Not at all...I conceived my 3 boys all on first cycle, this one took 7 months!
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