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Due January 2017 Lock Rss


I got a faint bfp at 10dpo today, according to dates I'm due Jan 6th 2017! Any other ladies have their bfp yet for Jan? X


Hey yes! Due 3/1 smile
Hi smile
I got a BFP at 10dpo - due 11th January.
How are you guys feeling? I have had period like cramps today which has me a little worried!
Yay there are more of us! Congratulations on your bfp's! I'm feeling really good. I'm 4w4d today and the only symptom I really have is sore bbs. I'm thinking it's the calm before the storm lol

I'm so glad I have some Jan 17 due date buddies.
I've tried to contact a couple of midwives to get bloods sorted (I'm rhesus negative and my 4 year old was positive - so want the antibodies check for that) and I really want a dating scan around 8 weeks even though I know dates. It seems I'm not going to be able to choose as such as no one wants to take on people due over the festive season!
I've still just got period like cramps - I've been checking every time I go to the loo as I'm kind of half expecting this all to go really wrong. Apparently it's quite normal though.
Hi everyone, joining this group rather unexpectedly. I've been moaning in the May TTC group about how my last period was mid-feb & I did a test mid-April & it was BFN, so now that I'm nearly CD80 I was off to the doctor this weekend to try & work out what was going on.

For the past couple of weeks I've been having crampy pains, just a little each day, and started noticing sore boobs each night. This morning the pains woke me up at 5am & I thought I have had enough of this, so got up to test just to be double sure of the BFN before Drs appt on sat.

Well I've been totally floored because I got a very bold & clear BFP! Rushed to the supermarket for another digital test which gives a clear YES+. So! Wow!

From a few calculations I thiiiiink I might be 3 weeks (based on a rise in temp that has stayed high, & ewcm/ BD combo) which would mean I'm due mid- Jan.

I'm also really nervous of things going south - this is our first, both my best friends had miscarriages with their first (they both have beautiful 4 month olds now!) but trying not to get too excited, or too nervous either.
Aklgal I am not going to bother going to my gp to get a blood test or dating scan form so wanted to find one so they could organise that for me (I've moved into a diff part of Akl and haven't changed GPs yet so it's a pain getting there) so that was part of the reason. I didn't think about the fact everyone wants a summer holiday! So are you being monitored a bit more intensely due to your age? So great you've got a bubs on the way and I hope everything goes really smoothly - as I do for everyone.

LMT_TTC that is such awesome news - what a surprise!!! So you'll be going for a dating scan at some stage to confirm your dates? Eeep that's so cool.

I totally agree about the first trimester - bring on 13 weeks. 4 down, 9 to go for me! I hate being a worry wart but I too have had far too many friends that have had miscarriages. It was kind of nice with my first not knowing a lot of that - ignorance is bliss as they say.
I'm due with #3 right at the end of Dec but as both my girls were late (4 days & 13 days) I figure I need to find some due in Jan ladies to chat to as this one is bound to be late too!
Hi ladies joining this group I'm due 6th Jan (I think) got my bfp at 12dpo, hcg level was done at 13dpo and came back at 89 which seems normal. Only symptoms I have are really sensitive nipples and my boobs feel really heavy when I take my bra off. I'm 5 weeks today but we don't have our first scan until 7.5 weeks so every single twinge I get worried about. We are planning on telling parents only on mothers day and holding out for siblings until we see the scan.
So exciting that there are a few of us in this group already!

I have my Drs appt tomorrow, no idea what to expect - will they take bloods to confirm things? (I hate needles so want to be prepared haha). Because my last period was 19th Feb, I'm struggling to work out a date - I did a test which was negative on 14 April (but of course now I'm like, maybe the test was faulty?!) which would make me think we conceived 16/17 April. Does that make me 3 weeks (or 5 weeks, as all the books/apps seem to count from your last 2 weeks prior to O). So confused haha.

Finding it so hard to keep the news to myself! Have got dates in the diary to tell our parents though, so now just want time to hurry up.

Having crampy period pains quite regularly, a couple of times during the day & then woke me up 3 times in the night. Really dry mouth & drinking loads too! And now trying to read EVERYTHING I can find about diet & what's in & out now. I feel like I read everything about TTC and was prepared for it to take ages, I had strategies in place etc - but I haven't read any further than that, so now I'm playing catch up smile
Yes! Due around 8th Jan! This number two for us! Super excited! Does anyone know of a FB due Jan group yet? Congrats ladies! ????
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