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Are you due in March 2017? Lock Rss

Share your experiences here!
March 4th smile
Hi MoonChild smile i am thrilled to say we have just found out we are due for #2 on March 7th! Still totally shocked as we stopped trying a year ago and are older parents, I'm 42! Blimey it can happen when you forget about it smile
Congrats to you Jacksie grin What a nice little surprise huh!
Hi Jacksie, not sure if you remember my name on these boards but just wanted to say a HUGE congrats!! I remember you when I was trying for number 3. I have had my number 3 this past March. He is 15 weeks old now smile
I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and congrats again xx
Ellek1 smile of course i remember you! Am so happy things worked out for you with #3 it seemed like a long time coming. I left the forum after we stopped trying so no idea how things went for everyone, so am thrilled you let me know smile
Am still not letting myself believe im pregnant as it was a hell of a shock and with the age thing, its all so early and fragile but am very positive smile
take care of yourself an keep in touch! xx
Hi Moonchild and Jacksie. I got my BFP a couple of weeks ago at 9dpo and am now 5 weeks pregnant and have the same EDD as Moonchild of the 4th of March 2017.

How are you both feeling?


Welcome BabyDoll and congratulations! All i am feeling right now is shocked/terrified/anxious until the first scan and testing are done. Then i will relax a bit more i think smile physically i feel different to my first pregnancy in that i feel bloated (nothing fits) and fluttery which i do not remember first time round. My partner and I joke about twins but really we shouldn't, its asking for fate to mess with us smile

How are you feeling? If this your first?

Heres hoping we all have safe and healthy pregnancies from here on in xx
Jacksie i just found out due 11th March and im 42 in 6 weeks smile
Has anyone started a fb page? I am really keen to join - this is my second but my 6th pregnancy but it feels right so am soooo excited!!!
Yay ClarkNZ, congrats! Would love to chat with you more as my partner and I are both weary of our age right now smile no to a FB page (that i know of) but would love to join one. I actually deleted my FB account a month or so ago but will re join for this smile
Jacksie, this will be my 2nd baby 3rd pregnancy. My 1st I miss carried at 8 weeks. So once I get past that I'll relax more again.
I'm the same with being bloated/swollen and nothing fitting and looking 5 months! I've got the sore boobs, all day nausea and fatigue.

Oh, I'd love to join a fb group too!


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