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Hi Everyone, anyone else due 7 May 2017? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

just looking for anyone who has just found out they are pregnant? I am due 7 May 2017, anyone else?

Yvette smile
Hi there!

I found out last week that I'm pregnant but yet to see a midwife to confirm the date.
Based on my own calculations I think I am due on the 2nd of May 2017.
Hi ladies -
I just found out over the weekend that we are expecting baby number 2!
Due 5th May 2017 smile
Yay congrats girls!
@Sezzie87 I'm due with number 2 also.
Very exciting! How old is your first @Trista-836?
My daughter is 2years old, she will be almost 3 when bub is due.
I just found out 3 days ago that I am due May 10th 2017. I am currently 4weeks and 3days. I'm very excited!
Congrats!! @Chanellenielsen is this your first?

@Sezzie87 my first is a boy, he is 2 years old as well and he will be 3 in June next year so just after baby is due too.
Hi all. Just found out I'm pregnant with number 3! It has come as a complete shock and still yet to confirm due date but going off my calculations I'm due 3rd May.
17th May 2017
First baby for me, 3rd for my partner.
Where is everyone from?
Hello. I'm 5 weeks today with my 4th. I live in Australia and have a 7 year old, about to turn 5 year old and a 2.5 year old. smile nervous and excited and have my scan booked for the 4th October with my OB and I'll be just over 8 weeks. Hope everyone is well so far.
Hey everyone! I'm due around the 13th of May, found out super early. Fingers crossed everything goes well for everyone smile
Thought I'd join you ladies, based on LMP I'm due 21st May smile
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