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Are you due in June 2017? Lock Rss

Share your journey with others!
Is there a May 2017 thread??
I can only find April 2017 and then June 2017??
I am due May 2017
I'm due in 4th of May smile .no morning sickness so far smile
We have created a FB group "Babies Due May 2017". You can post your Facebook details here and we can add you to the group. It is a secret group so it can't be searched for nor will people know you are in the group.
Can you please add me
Adding non fb friends to a group is not possible unless I am being blonde. You are more than welcome to add me as a friend and I can add you to the group.
Thanks, have sent a fb request.
Congratulation to all those mom due in June 2017
Im really hoping to join this thread soon
Signing in to the due June 2017 group. Got a BFP tonight.. Weren't actively trying but not avoiding either. It will be our 2nd, DS is 16 months.
Just got a BFP which will be baby no2 for us. DS is 9 months so it will be a pretty close age gap. We decided to not actively try but not prevent either as we knew we'd like to have one more. Now, I'm kinda freaking out LOL
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