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Are you due in July 2017? Rss

Hi Ladies, I have just stumbled across this forum! I am due 17th July with baby number 1. It would be great to be able to share this wonderful journey with you all! I would also love you join the Facebook group if possible ????
Im a little late to the party, I'm due July 24. Could I join the FB group please?

Hi Im also a bit late and due July 24th... can I please join?
I'm due to have 3rd July, can I join fb group please?
congrats everyone.......have a nice journey..........
Hey ladies are any of you from NZ and interested in joining our secret group on Facebook? Leave you email below and I will add you. Smile
Hi guys! Congratulations grin had a positive test yesterday! Haven't told partner yet as he is at the V8s for the weekend, very nervous!! My symptoms have been very sore breasts, sore cramping back and I can't stop burping! Haha gross

Edit: lol woo0s this is for 2017! Doh
Hi guys I am.due 21st of July. Can I please be added to the group
Nicola_Kellerman wrote:
Hi guys I am.due 21st of July. Can I please be added to the group

Hey Nicola this is the 2017 thread..
i know i dont have any credential to evaluate but i must admit your post is such an eye-opening content
Hey everyone, how are you all? Whats up these days? I want to know that after how much time of Ttc one should become pregnant? I mean I don't know the basics of after ttc. It's been 2 months we are ttc. We both are disheartened now. 10 of questions arise daily from family. What should I do now? How to handle everything? I think it will take time to become pregnant. How much? Anyone in the same boat? Please help me.
Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing fine. I had my baby last may. I can feel how you all must be excited. I had many complications after marriage. Having a natural delivery was out of the question. I had my baby through surrogacy. Best of luck. Cheers!
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