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Due in September 2017? Lock Rss

Just found out you're pregnant? Congratulations! We invite you to share your journey with others here!
Looks like I'm the first one here. 3+4 weeks positive first response test today. Edd September 7th. Praying for sticky dust cos I've had a bad run this past year!
Hiya! I found out last week that I'm expecting! Due first week of September! smile
Hi ..... Just found out as well due first week of sept.....sticky vibes to all grin
Hi. Found out yesterday that I'm pregnant. First try with iui. Hope it sticks smile
I'm due 1st September through IVF, found out last Thursday and still in disbelief! Hasn't been easy to conceive #2 so quite anxious. Anyone keen for a due September FB group?
Keen for a fb group smile
Keen for a fb group smile
Ladies if you you add September hopes on Facebook I'll create a secret fb group grin
Hi ladies smile I'm due with number 3 in the first week of September smile Also really keen for a fb group smile
I found out Boxing Day I'm pregnant with baby #3 ??
I had bloods yesterday & off to doctors again in an hour for results , from using an app I think I'm due the 1st of September
Hiya we have just found out due 1st September with our 4th very much unplanned we had decided 3 was enough but hubby kept putting off getting the snip which I will be ringing to book him in next week
Still trying to get our head around it
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