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Are you due in December 2017? Lock Rss

Congratulations! Share your journey here with others!
Early days, but yes. Hoping to find a due date group to join. smile
Dating scan today, but by LMP I am 5w +5 so due 7/12/17. I am in QLD Australia so looking for a Facebook due group to join.
I am also looking for a facebook group to join, its much easier to keep in touch there smile
Congratulations everyone.. My EDD is 10/12/17 the day after my birthday.. After several losses Fingers crossed this time it's a healthy baby..

First scan is booked for May 1st.
I would be happy to start a Facebook due group as there does not seem to be any for Australia. The one I was in for my previous bub also had NZ ladies so I am ok with making it an Aus/NZ group. As I haven't told anyone yet, I would prefer to make it a secret group though.
Hi, I (think) I am due scan is May 2nd. Is there a Facebook page set up yet? If so, would like to join smile
If you ladies want me to create a group, you can message me your email through here, or email me [email protected] and I will create a group and add you smile I am happy to mke it an AUS/NZ due NOV/DEC 2017 group smile SO far the only Dec ones I have found on Fb have been UK or USA.
I think I have found an Australian secret Due Dec 2017 Facebook group, info for it is on the EssentialBaby forums.

Just took a test today, which makes me 4 weeks and due late December! I'm in shock! Would love to join a fb group.
I have created a Fb group but it is secret so you will have to email me, pm me here and let me know your FB name or email and I can add you. It is for AUS/NZ mums (including ex pats) who are due in NOV/DEC 2017. It will be capped at 100 members.
I have sent you an email NewAgeMumma smile
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