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Are you due in January 2018? Lock Rss

Have you just found you're pregnant? Big congratulations from all of us at Huggies! We invite you to use this thread to track your wonderful journey!
Hi everyone! I just got my BFP today at 11dpo.
A little unexpected as I only stopped taking my BC about a week ago (although I did miss a day at the beginning of the month) in preparation of TTC our second baby further in the future.

I already have a nearly one-year-old who was born with a syndromatic bilateral cleft lip & palate. He is a wonderful boy and I'm sure he will be an amazing big brother, all going well.
Hi. I wasnt sure if a board would be set up yet for Jan 2018. I got my bfp yesterday at 12dpo, due date 1st January so I think I will join the December board aswell!

Has been a bit of a long journey for me. I already have 3 gorgeous boys, 7, 6 and 3....we started TTC #4 January 2015. Got a bfp in Oct 2015 but sadly miscarried in Jan 2016 at 12 weeks. I then conceived again in April 2016 but miscarried 2 weeks later and so here I am again almost a year to the day since my last bfp.. Unexplained infertility as we had no issues with my boys.

Feel absolutely fine at the moment, trying not to be too anxious and enjoy this pregnancy but also very scared. Cant wait to meet more members on the board soon!
Hi there.

I got my BFP yesterday at 13dpo.

This is a very unplanned pregnancy for me as I have 4 kids already and my youngest is only 14 weeks old...


I have had sex twice since my newborn was born...

I'm sooooooo freaking out, apparently my chance of miscarriage is higher as I had a csection but whats meant to be, will be I guess.

Do we have a FB Due group yet? Happy to make one if anyone likes smile
Hi all! Well I'm surprised there's a Jan page already but glad there is too smile

I got my faint pos today. I already have 10,7 and 4 year olds at home. Very nervous because it's so early. I'm not sure how many days PO I am.... not many (8?). Fingers crossed for all sticky bubs.


Hi is there a FB due January group yet?
I have created a FB group so just post your email address and I'll invite you smile
If you don't want to post your email address you can send it to me at....

EDIT 3/6
Hi everyone! How exciting is this for everyone!
Vanessa I'd love to join - the email address I use for FB is [email protected]. I'll probably be delivered late December though so I'm going to look for the December board and group too.
Have added you Jemesque
Hi all.
I'm Sarah and have just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant due 16th Jan. This is my number 4. I have an 10, 9 and 7 year old

Would love to join fb [email protected] smile.
Hi Vanessa
I've just emailed you ??


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