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Babies due in March 2018 Lock Rss

Just requested to be added to the facebook group smile Due March 25 ISH
Just sent friend request to be added to the group please. Due date around 21 March.
Hi guys due 12th March I just sent a friend request

Jess I have added you on facebook too.
Just found out I'm about 4.5 week pregnant and due 25th March.
Hey - BFP on Wednesday & very keen to join group, will send you a friend request now x
hello - I got my positive result on the weekend and heading to the doctor on Thursday!! Due date as Ive calculated is 29th March! smile
Yay can I add you and get added to the group!? I'm due with #3 on March the 1st!

Just sent a request.

Due on the 8th March with baby #3

Hi everyone. I'm due 12th March with my third after a long road of trying smile
DId you all get in? Nichola I can't see you in the group yet
Hi there, I am 17 weeks with my second and was wondering if I could please be added to the Facebook group? Thanks
Hi there id like to send a friend request to be added to the group please. I’m due on 27 March 2018.
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