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Is your baby due in July 2018? Lock Rss

Just found out you're pregnant? Join our thread to chart your journey with others!
We have created a secret Facebook page for mums due in July. If you wish to join - leave your email below and I will add you.

Also a big congratulations to all expecting mums x
[email protected] smile

Great to be here again grin

Due July 2nd
Due 8th July smile

[email protected]
Hello ladies! Just got a BFP this morning!!

I would love to join your fb group.

[email protected]
Yes please I would love to join!

[email protected]

EDD 7th July
[email protected] please smile

EDD 12th July 2018
EDD 7 July 2018!

[email protected] thank you smile
Hey ladies, BFP Monday and awaiting HCG results which should be back this afternoon grin

[email protected]


Please add me smile
[email protected]
Hey ladies if any of you are from NZ and would like to join our secret FB group too then let me know. Smile
Yes please
[email protected]
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