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I just got my first positive! Lock Rss

Hello everyone.“I just got my first positive! doing great work. I am only about four weeks! We were trying for about five months and I'm really excited to tell my friends and family.Lots of happiness and joy.Hope for good and best without any complications.remember me in prayers.
Hello. I am so glad to know the news. Many many congratulations on the positive result. I hope you sound all healthy. May your rest of the months go well. You must be excited to hold your baby in your arms. Yeah? You are going to be a mom soon. Good luck with it. Take care.
Hey there. how are you? I am so happy to hear about your positive result. I hope you find more good news soon. I wish you have a beautiful baby soon. lots of love.
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really happy for you. It's a great joy when you see someone so happy because of their pregnancy. I know because I know the feeling. When you wait so much. You want a good reward. Nothing is a better reward for women then her own child. I wish you good luck in the future. and congratulations once again. I hope you take good care of your self. Good luck. Love and prayers.
hey hun. congratulations. the is such a good news. really happy for you. take care of yourself. hope it all goes well. best of luck. bye.
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