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Anyone due November 2018? Lock Rss

Hi All,
I just found out I am nearly 4 weeks pregnant with my first child and would like to chat with other ladies who are due around the same time as me! I look forward to meeting you all and starting our very exciting journey smile
Me! Took a test this morning and it looks like I will be having a November baby
Congratulations!! I just got my BFP!! I think I'll be due mid November, this is number 2 for me
What kind of signs/symptoms are you having with your pregnancy? I have had pretty constant cramps that are getting me a bit worried. I had a hcg reading of 2850 yesterday. Fingers crossed the test on Thursday shows it climbing!!!
Me! Im due #4 around the 10th november. I have 3 boys (8,6,3). Feeling ok atm just a bit tired!
Hey all. I though I was due in October but just had a dating scan and found out I'm actually due 1st of November. Anyone keen on starting a private FB page?
Hey all. This will be baby number 3 for me, have booked in the Dr Monday to get bloods and dating scan but based off periods should be around 12th Nov. I had a feeling I would get a positive because I had sore boobs and that's usually a first sign for me.
I would be keen to join a fb page smile
Hey congratulation to you and your husband. You are lucky women to conceive naturally. I can feel you happiness. I hope you are doing great, It's time for you to take extra care of your self. Which is very important for you in this situation. You might feel little nervous some time in this situation. But you have to take every thing very positively. So take care of your health. And keep updating about your upcoming dates.
An FB page is a great idea. I hear you can make secret ones but have never made one before. I had an ultrasound today - pretty scary but everything was where it should be. Going back in 2-3 weeks when hopefully we will see a little heartbeat!
I'm no good with making secret groups but I'm keen ???? I've just been super tired, and I'm still breastfeeding my 18 month old at night and first thing in the morning and it's killing me!
Ill go on tonight and see if I can figure out how to set up a secret group smile
Hi ladies, I've just found out I'm due Nov too, this is my second baby and had joined a Due a Group on FB which originated from a buggies forum last time. It was great so keen to join another one for this one. Has one been started by anyone?
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