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Due December 2018 Lock Rss

@Pal24 - not very tech savvy sorry how do I PM you??
Good question little

@Pal24 - Thankyou I’ve just added you as a friend on fb
Hi guys! This is such an exciting thread! I personally am not due December. But oh, I so want to be! I got my girl through surrogacy. I visited a clinic in Europe for it since I couldn't conceive myself. Anyway, I've been thinking of going again. What do you guys suggest? Wishing you all the best!
This seems like such a great thread. It's so good to see all of you so excited. Well ofcourse you should be. Congratulations to everyone here who's conceiving. I am not due in December but my sister-in-law is. And we're all so pumped. I can't wait. Anyways, I'd love to hear y'all. Keep posting. x
Good luck to all beautiful ladies out here!
I am glad how you guys are finding your hopes.
You are such beautiful souls
and need to be blessed more and more.
I am not IVF person because IVF stage is over for me.
I am surrogacy person.
Good luck to everyone over here.
May you all be blessed soon.
Good luck.
I’m new to this and just had a positive test (taken 3) but going to get confirmed by doc on Friday. Excited by nervous- due date according to calc will be dec 7.
Congratulations Pippac! add me on facebook if youd like to be added to fb group

Congratulations lady. Happy to know about you. Stay blessed and safe. Wishing you luck and success in future. Hope you will have a healthy baby. Stay healthy and take care. Lots of love to you. Sending love to you.
Hello beautiful lady.Pregnancy is a nice time.In women life it is greatest and adorable time, it's a great blessing.I am trying for many time, luckily the day come I had positive success there.I am worried and stress.Because last year I had face a miscarriage when I am 12 weeks.Just hope and pray this time everything was quite better and positive.Good luck to all.
HI everyone got impatient and POS this morning and bingo it was positive. Been a long time coming so hopefully it sticks. I will add you now Pal24

Hi ladys I'm due December 15th could someone pretty please add me to the facebook group? TIA x

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