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Due December 2018 Lock Rss

Hello All!

Please can I be added to the Facebook group, I sent you a message pal24.

Many thanks
I am due in December (8th) I have my dating scan Thursday to confirm details. First baby!
Chloe add me on fb and i can add you to fb group smile

Hello beautiful lady.Pregnancy is a nice time.In women life it is greatest and adorable time, it's a great blessing.I am trying for many time, luckily the day come I had positive success there.I am worried and stress.Because last year I had face a miscarriage when I am 12 weeks.Just hope and pray this time everything was quite better and positive.Good luck to all.
Hi ladies, I’m 7 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child, due on 2nd of December. Can someone please add me to the FB group.

Hi how do I get added to the fb group? Thanks smile
I think pal24 is leaving the group so you can either add me as a friend or leave your email here and someone will add you to the group. ????

Someone please add me. [email protected]
Hi! My name is Kirsty and I'm due December 8 can someone please add me to the group?
My email is [email protected]
Name on Facebook is Kirsty Bennington
Hi ladies, early days but looks like I'll be due with my 4th baby end of Dec. Can you please add me to the Facebook group if poss? [email protected] Thanks!!
Hope everyone's coping with the early first trimester challenges. smile
Hi Can someone please add me to the fb page? My name is Cara Edwards. Profile pic is of me and my little girl smile thank you
Hi all I’m new to this site. Just after some support from other mommas, gets a bit lonely out on the farm. This is my third but 8 years apart, so it’s been a while and a little nervous already. Would love some girly chats with other expectant mums x due 19th December. Is there a secret Facebook forum?
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