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February 2019 babies due Lock Rss

Hey everyone,

I’m Sarah, I’m 29. I got my BFP + around 5 days ago now which would put me around 5 weeks and 5 days due on February 7th 2019.

I have 3 children 9,8 & 5. This is my partner and i’s first baby together...

I didn’t see a feb thread so thought I would start one for anyone who would like to join.

Hello! Im due around 6 Feb smile
Hello, just got confirmed I’m 5 weeks, which means I’m due in Feb too. Super happy as this is an IVF pregnancy smile
Hi! I’m due 2 Feb - looking forward to giving my 2 year old a sibling! How’s everyone feeling?
Hi everyone, congrats on your pregnancies!!

I’m feeling okay... mainly tired, little nauseous at times... how is everyone else feeling?

I’ve got a dating scan booked in for Saturday... has anyone else got any appointments booked in?
My scan is booked in on 29th. I’m happy about giving my 20 month old a sibling too Julia smile
Hi all. I got a very surprising BFP today which would make me due in Feb-ish.

I have a 5 month old.

I'm in shock!
I had a dating scan this week- the sonographer wouldn’t show me the screen so I expected the worse but all looked good apparently, there was a nice little heartbeat! Not sure why she wouldn’t let me see?!?

Wow congrats buttercup, what a shock I’m sure!!!!
How is everyone feeling? I’ve had a horrible tummy today. According to google diarrhea can be a symptom of early pregnancy??? Sorry TMI!! Hubby and I ate the exact same food and he’s not sick at all. Anyone else suffering/suffered from a bad tummy?
Hi All!
I got a super early BFP last week, about 5 days before AF was due. Just had that feeling to test. This will be no 3 for us and due around 23 Feb. I have two boys, toddler is 2.5 and baby just turned 1 so not a tiny baby anymore! Fingers crossed this will be a girl! Will get in touch with my midwife towards the end of the week I think which will make me about 5 weeks. Feel a bit funny calling her before then lol
Hey guys,

Sorry have been having quite the emotional week.

Congrats buttercup! I had mine that close together and I love it x

Julia, good to see Bub has a good heart beat! Dont know why she didn’t show you the screen though? Maybe because there isn’t really that much to see at the moment but still... strange!

Hope you’re feeling better Nicole! No upset tummy here... luckily haha.

Kriska, congrats! Hopefully you get your girl, will you find out this pregnancy?

I had my u/s on Saturday. Good little yolk sac and embryo there.. couldn’t get the heart beat just yet but she said it may just be too early.

I have a peri hematoma in my uterus apparently that can cause bleeding and hemmorage but that’s worst case scenario, apparently it’s rather common and they can go away on their own as the pregnancy continues... mine is just bigger then the usual... no stress or strenuous activity for me.

Hope everyone is feeling okay, I nearly spewed at my sons football carnival today in the canteen line eeek!
Hi everyone, I am due on the 2nd of Feb. I had my date scan on Friday smile
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