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February 2019 babies due Lock Rss

congrats ladies

horiya, thats horrible hope your feeling better, i know.sometimes during pregnancy for me foods can affect me bad. but pregnancy does some crazy things to our body's

Hellere02, i suffered that last pregnancy was so stressful then once i had dating scan it made my worries go away and i got to see a lil blob and heartbeat.
im so excited 4 u to have your scan, how are you feeling?
ur 100% right babies are a blessing

Victoriahales, welcome, pregnancy is such an amazing journey, our bodys do some pretty cool things. i hope you enjoy it smile
what date are you due ?

also ladies, if you interested in joining our group you may, just post your facebook name and ill contact you smile
look forward to sharing this joruney with you x
Hey everyone. Congratulations to you all. It feels so good to see you all happy. I am sure this pregnancy journey must be really interesting for you guys. I wish I could feel the same way. But well, I am infertile. I can't conceive. This is really hard. I get happy when I see others conceiving naturally. My sister and my friends, all of them have kids. I play with them. I really enjoy their company. But I can't be with them all the time. It's really saddening for me. I want to have my own kids. My husband suggested we can adopt a child. We are thinking about it. Let's see what we decide. I hope everything turns out to be fine soon.
Hi everyone. I hope you guys are going well. I am pregnant for the first time. It seems really exciting. I hope this remaining 7 months journey is going to be a beautiful one. I have seen people enjoying their pregnancy so much. I hope to too. Do you guys have any tips for me? TIA.
Hey there guys. How are you all? I wanna tell you guys that I have finally completed the required procedure for surrogacy. My DH and I are going to fly to Ukraine in July. Hopefully, it's going to be a great journey. I am very hopeful that I'll be a mom soon. Wish me luck, guys. Much love for you all.
Hey there Sarah. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I wish you good luck. I hope everything goes best for you. Well, be hoping for a very good news soon. take care. Love and support to you. And a lot of prayers too.
hey there! I hope you are doing great. I want to share my personal experience with pregnancy. you have to be really careful with little things. and do not stress at all. I miscarried twice because of my own mistakes. and I also had a car accident. I woke up to the news that the baby is dead. I was devastated and in pain for months. then my sister convinced me to go for surrogacy. surrogacy was an amazing process. I am really happy that I went for it. when going for surrogacy you should make sure that you are going for the clinic, you do not want to waste your time on different clinics who are not interested in our comfort and good will, for example, I went on wasting my time emailing and contacting Lotus surrogacy clinic and they did not respond to my single email. so be careful and be aware of what you choose.
Hi everyone! I'm due in Feb too!, about the 16th with number 3 smile
Hi all! I got a positive test last week. I will probably be due somewhere around the 27th feb to the 3rd of March. Would love to be added to a fb group if there is one. I did create a feb/March group because I couldn’t find any groups but I guess most of them will be secret groups at this stage haha!

I am currently 12 weeks today & due 8th jan and having my Neuchal scan tomorrow. I have 8.5,7 & 4.5 years olds and I am so nervous about tomorrow! I have been googling everything the past few weeks especially food, I don’t know what it is this time around but I think I’m just worried as I have been blessed with 3 healthy children and relatively easy pregnancies with 3 c-sections (first emergency) So I just worry is all.
I’m soooo tired all the time atm and have no motivation and don’t remember ever being this tired lol.
Thanks for starting the feed smile
Hope your feeling good.
Hey Ladies
Congrats on your BFP, ive been trying for 2yrs next month (this is my 6th cycle of 100mg Clomid) i havent had it confirmed but im 3days late (home pregnancy tests never positive for me and i have 3 kids (11,10,5)
So either today or tmoro im going to go to my gp to get bloods done
I really hope it is - i see my fertility specialist next week smile
But if i am id be due approx feb 27th
I really hope to be on the jourmey with you all
Hey ladies congratulations on your positive tests, sending lots of sticky dust. How are you all feeling?
If you would like to be added to our facebook secret group feel free to let me know by posting your name and what profile pic I need to look for and I'll add you:)
Can I please be added! My face book name is Hayley scott and my picture is of myself and my husband and my cover picture is of my 4 boys smile thanks!
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