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February 2019 babies due Lock Rss

Hey Hayley I can find you,could you post your profile link?

Does this work for ya?
Yes it did but I cant add you so I have sent msg for you to add me smile x
Me too please.

Due in Feb sometime. Don't know when as I haven't had a period since Feb 2017 and haven't done the dating scan yet.
Hi! I found out I was pregnant last Friday. I’ve been to the Dr for my first bloods and everything is on track so far. This is my first pregnancy and I’m due 28th of Feb. Could I please be added to the Facebook group too.
Congrats ladies, I have sent you a msg Laila.

Buttercup I have tried to look up your email but nothing comes up sometimes privacy setting block it. If you send me you profile link I'll add you. smile
Try this?
I changed my privacy settings so it should come up now... hopefully
Would love to join the Facebook group- Julia Kate
Sure thing Julia, wanna send me you fb profile link will make it easier to find smile
I think it’s :
proudmumma89 wrote:
Hey ladies congratulations on your positive tests, sending lots of sticky dust. How are you all feeling?
If you would like to be added to our facebook secret group feel free to let me know by posting your name and what profile pic I need to look for and I'll add you:)

Can I please be added too - Tania Kirk and my profile pic is of me and with green birds smile
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