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February 2019 babies due Lock Rss

proudmumma89 wrote:
Hey ladies congratulations on your positive tests, sending lots of sticky dust. How are you all feeling?
If you would like to be added to our facebook secret group feel free to let me know by posting your name and what profile pic I need to look for and I'll add you:)

Can I please be added too - Tania Kirk and my profile pic is of me and with green birds smile
Hey Tania can you post your link please ? X
proudmumma89 wrote:
Hey Tania can you post your link please ? X

Sure thing smile
Please can I be added?? [email protected]
Can i be added to the group please. Facebook name Kate Graham profile pic wedding photo
Could some one please add me to a February due date Facebook group I'm sue Feb 7 my sister in just told me about these groups I'm so excited to join.
Can some one please add me to the February 2019 Facebook group?
Hey ladies. Congrats Happy to add you x post your name on facebook and what photo or the link smile and I'll add u to fb and then to group
Chellez004 I cant find anything with that email. Your settings must be private x
hi all, can i be added to the group please?
im due 11th feb with #3 =)
congrats to all and cant wait to get to know you all =)

Jess =)

anyone there?? lol

Jess =)

Hey there! How are you? Hope you are doing great. Things are working out for you. I'm happy that you are happy. It is good to be a parent isn't it? It is the most satisfying. I wish you good luck with your pregnancy. Stay blessed.
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